Date: 6th January 2009 at 9:50am
Written by:

Johnny Westwood has his knockers, but love him or loathe him he has earned a new found respect from me – I know people that know him personally and they always say what a genuine man he is, and I think he just proved it on sky sports news just now.

Speaking live on sky sports news he gave a fantastic interview that summed up everything that is true about the game and the situation many find themselves in as a result of their love for their respective clubs.

The fella interviewing him did not seem to understand where he was coming from at times, maybe that is because he too gets obscene amounts of money from sky sports to do his job and does not understand why anyone would want to knock the football gravy train…

Loyalty, a thing of the past in football – I would encourage anyone that missed his interview to try and find it somewhere and listen to it again, just brilliant. I reckon that just about every single footballer could do with listening to it as well, a few home truths might hit home if they did – although I doubt it!


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