Date: 28th February 2009 at 4:56pm
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To be honest I did not want to do it, but whilst travelling up to Pompey today – in preparation for the game with Chelski on Tuesday – having time to ‘ponder my own thoughts’ gave me the time to think about ‘him’, well really not him but the league cup final in general, and what my thoughts on it are…

When I got on the Cardiff to Portsmouth train at Westbury, it was full of Cardiff fans due to them playing Scum today. Well, when one group got off to leave the train virtually empty at Salisbury they left behind a paper – fancying a read I helped myself, of course The Sun was going to be plastered with league cup build-up and ‘his’ picture all over it, but this was to be expected.

My blood boiled seeing him, let alone seeing him holding aloft ‘our’ FA cup even more so, which was of course as always portrayed as ‘his’…

It is funny how a man can turn from hero to villain, but hey this is not really something I want to go over again but reading what Lomana LuaLua, Benjani and Dejan Stefanovic had to say – I do not include Niko Kranjcar as his views just seemed ‘bland’ – I could not help myself break into a wry smile thinking ‘I could picture exactly what they are saying and that is why I did like ‘Jamie’s Dad’, I do not respect him any longer but I guess I do still like his way, he is a character ‘for sure’. Still from time to time, as irritated as I get seeing him and hearing from him, a part of me still likes him in a perverse kind of way.

I cannot stick Manyoo, never have and never will, then again I am not ‘keen’ on Spurs but the thought of ‘him’ parading round Wembley again with the league cup, not that it is a patch on the FA cup – do not get me wrong I would not knock winning it! – and saying how much it means to him would make me want to put a brick through the box!

I have heard that he has said something like ‘beating Derby, or a championship side, would not have meant as much to him as it would beating Manyoo’ – he did not have a problem with that last season!

I know we have to ‘worry about our own season’, and I do, I tire of looking out for their results as they are not going to go down are they – come on, as much as I and many of you would love this, it just is not going to happen – but as much as it is a rarity, and I almost cannot believe that I am saying it I am willing Manyoo to win tomorrow.

Without a doubt this would he hailed as ‘his monumental achievement’, and I just could not take it.

So, after a long-winded and probably not needed ramble, do I want ‘him’ and Spurs to win the league cup?

Saying ‘I do not care’ would be a total lie, my honest response, in a word, nope two words, hell no!


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