Date: 21st November 2007 at 10:43pm
Written by:

I had said a few times that I would not mind, maybe even would not care if England did not get through to Euro 2008 – now that we have done just that, not qualified, I am absolutely gutted…

Basically tonight summed up our whole qualification campaign, it was a shambles as has been the whole process. Spineless Steve is to blame, the players are also to blame but the ones to blame most of all are the ones that are even more spineless than anyone, the fat cats at the Football Association.

Instead of counting the money, they need to start looking out for the best of English football again – and this means firstly looking at themselves in the mirror, then many of them moving aside, failing that they need to look at who is in charge, but then again most of the players need to do the same as well…

Spineless Steve has to do the honourable thing and resign, if he wont then the FA have to do the next best thing and ask him to move on, but then again as said these fellas need to look at themselves too as they are as much to blame as anyone, probably more so as Spineless Steve was never the right man.

We were given a lifeline at the weekend but we blew it tonight.

Credit where it is due does have to go to Croatia who were fantastic but we basically got what we deserved, not just from tonight’s showing, in which we were poor, but for the whole performance over 12 games.

On the match itself I do not want to say I, or should I say ‘we’ told you so and do not lay the blame at Scott Carson’s door as I feel really sorry for him but this was a game that I do not think that he should have started in as only his 2nd cap, the 1st qualifying game probably, the last – probably not… and this is not said in hindsight – you fellas know my thoughts on this issue – which is a wonderful thing.

As I say the blame is not being put on Carson, he is a fantastic keeper and is the future for England. We lost it over 12 games, it should not have come down to the final game.

Well what can you say, at least we can look forward to a home nations championship this summer – unless the FA are too frightened to take part?

Anyway, at least Pompey return this weekend – come on fellas lets bring home 3 points.


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