Date: 2nd May 2008 at 11:01am
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Vital Pompey members and Meridian TV have been working together on a feature, which will be screened on Meridian Tonight at 6pm.

Researchers from Meridian picked up stories and threads that were posted on the site and got in touch with Rug about cooperating on a story around Cup Final tickets. Rug unfortunately is located out of the area and had to nominate eastneydave to be the face of VP. Filming took place last week and the story has now been edited to run tonight. Through Rug other VP members were contacted and their stories will also be told in this piece, anonymously where requested.

The Meridian reporter involved in the story is Elisa Mitchell who was awarded Regional Consumer Journalist of the Year in 2007. Elisa and her team have put in a great deal of effort on this subject and admit they have enough material for a half hour special. Elisa also carries her Pompey shirt with her everywhere as a prop.

There is no doubt that the slot will put the site in a very good light for the way we have tried to protect and advise fans on the subject of buying tickets. Some Pompey fans have often been critical and at times even cynical of the local television coverage of all things Pompey; I hope and believe this particular article may change that attitude.

Watch tonight at 6pm or if you do not receive the local Hampshire Meridian News for whatever reason it will be available on the site soon after the programme is complete. We will have the link on the front page as soon as we can.

Written by eastneydave.


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19 Replies to “Watch Vital Pompey working with Meridian TV!”

  • I am getting a friend at Meridian to produce a mpeg file for me so I can email it those who wish. All quite legal.

  • So Mr Bond, We unfortunate one’s in the North of the area will have to make do with the internet version. We will possibly get a reaction to the lack of interest at the madjaski…That is if any one’s interested…:-D

  • Sky +’d it. Well done Dave. Good shout out for the site, may stir up some new members.

  • well done dave, good work – im glad that the site was able to help with this feature. elisa put alot of hard work into this feature, but we also spent alot of time doing our bit – i think that vital pompey’s integrity has been well portrayed and can only help push us even further forward!

  • Absolutely although my bit was heavily cut the points I made were followed up with the police etc. So all in all a job well done by all.

  • Well done Dave.. I saw it as it went out live and thought Elisa did a cracking job and you were as articulate and well thought out as always…. It’s great to see the site working with the telly in this (or any way) but what impressed me most (other than Elisa) was the Blue banner that came up across your chest with your name and VITALl POMPEY across it..

  • VITALI POMPEY being the Italian branch of the site of course !!… What I really wanna know though is ….was your Pompey shirt strategically placed on that hanger purpose ?

  • Chix the shirt was actually Eilsa’s prop. She wanted it as a backdrop. A lot of what was filmed ended up on the cutting room floor but it worked and that was the main point.

  • Certainly did work Dave.. You are becoming a real celeb… John westwood look out !……. Just don’t get a bl00dy bell ‘

  • There is absolutely no danger of me getting a bell. Used to take a rattle with me in the 60’s. Wembley wanted to ban Westwood I hear after the Semi.

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