Date: 22nd January 2010 at 6:04pm
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Avram Grant gets a thumbs up from jim4pompey for his press conference no show ahead of the FA cup game.

I’m sure many of us and many more in the media can find dark and conspiratorial reasons why Avram chose not to face the press on Friday but in my opinion – and as remote as I am from it, feeling the way I do – I can see why he “just didn’t want to do it”.

And the man has my full support for “dodging questions”.

We all know what would happen – we all know they’re more interested in who ISN’T playing – so let’s cut the rubbish and drop the routine. He’s better of out of it – I don’t imagine Mr Grant is going to let anything slip – he talks little at the best of times. And he isn’t letting me down as a Pompey fan as I doubt he can shed light on any of the financial questions he was bound to be asked.

He couldn’t have been more classy in my opinion if he had pulled a moony as he walked quietly away!

Written by jim4pompey.

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15 Replies to “Warm and hearty applause for Grant”

  • totally agree jim, i DO NOT blame grant at all for avoiding this press conference – he knows before he goes in what they will talk about, so what was the point, ***** em!

  • got to agree guys, he’s got a pretty ****ty job at the moment and i don’t see how anyone could blame him for giving it a miss…

  • When I read that he didn’t attend the press conference my heart sank .. then I read the reason why and thought Good on ya Avram

  • Upmost respect for the man, the press are not interested in the same thing as Grant which is football. Besides no one else is answering questions are they- rhetorical!

  • Hey top marks for the man!…The media only want to pour ridicule on him and us anyway…Stuff em!!

  • He was probably at Kingston police station watching Peter Storrie and Marc Jacobs being wired up to lie detectors to see if they were still working. (The lie detectors that is)

  • Agree. Let him get on with something that he has control over. There are too many pointless press conferences.

  • Grant’s been doing his level best with a decidedly average squad of players to get some positive results on the pitch, and has been doing pretty well to be fair to him. Fully support him in keeping schtum about off the pitch affairs (which he obviously knows very very little about anyway) – must be extremely demoralising when he just wants to talk football.

  • …however, he wasn’t doing after-match press either. Is there something massively wrong? (guess what..!)

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