Date: 16th February 2008 at 11:35am
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You might remember back along nominations for the new football polls fanzine awards 2007/08 were being asked for?

Well Vital Pompey is now being represented in several fields, and maybe just maybe we could make the final cut? These nominations are as follows:

  • Best Premier League Site – click here
  • Best Editor – click here
  • Best Writer – click here

    The best premier league nomination was obviously for Vital Pompey as a whole, with the site nominated along with a further 3 other Pompey sites.

    The best editor nomination was for pompeyrug – thanks fellas – for this award there are no other nominations as far as other Pompey sites are concerned.

    The best writer category sees Vital Pompey represented by not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 nominations! They are Chix, pompeycarpet, pompeyrug and eastneydave – for this award there are also no other nominations as far as other Pompey sites are concerned.

    Well fellas just having Vital Pompey represented in these fields is a fantastic achievement for our site and I think that it does show what an immense growth this site has had, and in such a very, very short amount of time…

    Chances are we will not win anything, but as I say we are moving forward all the time, but please do spend a few moments to vote on whatever category or categories you want to as you never know…

    If Vital Pompey or the individuals connected to the site get enough votes it/they will make it through to the final cut where the judges will then decide overall winners.

    Simply click the links above to vote and then follow the instructions.


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