Date: 30th April 2008 at 5:03pm
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Within minutes of publishing Monday’s article and placing the order the first of ‘Vital Pompey’s Cup Final T-Shirts’ flew off the printing machine.

Vital Pompey T-Shirt

Initial interest has been great and our first order was sold out within an hour or two but I managed to secure some more, but they too are going fast.. As it stands we only have 16 left at the MAXIMUM price of £8.50 each – That’s £2.50 cheaper than we thought yesterday.

Remember the more we sell, the cheaper they become for everybody. For Example.. If we sell half the remaining stock everybody will pay approx £6.50 but If we sell all of the remaining shirts (as we hope) nobody will pay more than a fiver!

£5.00 – That’s cheaper than any of the T-shirts on sale in or around Fratton Park (or Wembley come to that) and that’s because we are selling at cost price – no profit is being made whatsoever.

So, not only will you have a cheap T-shirt you’ll have something which carries an original design as a memento of Pompey’s FA Cup Final appearance.

For UK based members the T-shirts are guaranteed to be with you before Cup Final day and there is a good chance we will have them earlier (by the Fulham game). So we’ll probably select a meeting place (The Milton Arms) so you can come along and collect it in person if you wish.

If you can’t make the Fulham game or live overseas posting is a possibility simply place your order and give Rug your address and he will put you in touch with me so we can arrange things. There will obviously be a Post Office fee for posting.

All sizes (S, M, L, XL & XXL) are still available but get your order in fast as some of the smaller/larger sizes have only one or two left.

Don’t wait for the price to drop (although I’m sure it will) – Place your order now before it’s too late and reduce the price for everybody – All we need to know is how many and what size..

Size Guide
Regular Fit
S – 35/37′
M – 38/40′
L – 41/43′
XL – 44/46′
XXL – 47/49′

Written by Chix.

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51 Replies to “Vital Pompey Final T-Shirt – At £5 who can resist!”

  • come on fellas dive in, if we sell the lot we only pay £5 each – bargin! absolutely no profit is being made on these at all, they are being sold at cost – if we sell the lot we pay £5 each, if not we have to devide the overall total between numbers sold, with only a few left – and assured delivery in time for the final – what have you got to lose?

  • Chix. You put down for 2 x XL, sorry to be a pest but can you change one of them to large. My kid brother hasn’t such a big tummy as me! So to confirm 1 x X Large + 1 x Large.
    I’ll spread the word to see if others want some. Ta very much.

  • Full swing indeed .. Dave, only a few left and price dropping all the time…. Oh and Matt I’ve ordered yours in a presentation case so it’ll be in pristine condition.

  • Another 4 gone this evening .. The maximum price for everybody is now £7.50… keep it coming folks … only 12 left now.. get your orders in fast..

  • Chix

    Do I have to re order? 1 *XL 1* M; can’t make the Fulham game but Rug knows where I live

  • No Tony I’ve got your order and Rug and I will arrange getting them to you before the final somehow.

  • im sure that p4me will happily collect them for you tony?
    you had my order didnt you chixy? 3xL and 2xXL…

  • Can you put me down for an XXL. I can collect from the Milton Arms at the Fulham game

  • With my name I don’t suppose it will surprise anyone to know that I would like a small shirt please.

  • good stuff Bielefeld Pompey, you’ll become another that has been part of a ‘face to face’ meet and greet, i will have to check with chixy but im sure we’ll have a XXL left over…
    Pompey Half Pinti think we only had one small extra, but i would suspect you’ll be lucky – i really dont think we have many more left!
    dint forget tho, if we sell the lot we all only pay £5 each – bargin!

  • chixy you will probably want to double check the other t-shirt article too, as i think some amendment might have been made on that one?

  • Right fellas – I haven’t got my list to hand but I’m positive the S and XXL are ok .. although with these two gone I think those sizes are now sold out…

  • Another two went by PM last night .. so we are down to ONLY 5 LEFT (in M. L & XL) with everybody paying £6.25 or less…

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