Date: 9th July 2007 at 5:14pm
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Just got in from work, and in my letterbox is a poster from the club; and on it the NEW KIT…Smart, very classy look I think.

What do the rest of you think about it?

Oh and thank the lord it’s not figure hugging, I had visions!!!

By pentonpompey.


36 Replies to “Views on the new kit?”

  • No its, top notch, not too flashy, although the blurb says it has Climatecontrol!!, Enhanced vision and style enhancement!!! what ever that is? To be launched on the 19th, Short sleeved 39.99 to you good sir
    White collar, thinish yellow stripes on the shoulders and down the body sides, and yellow on the back of the neck

  • Although Rug, not a million miles off that…sorry!, it is a little simpler than that, but along the same lines

  • thanks mate, pretty nice then from the sounds of it… i feel bloody left out that i have not had a mail shot through tho! altho i dont live in pompey anymore, which may explain it…

  • Yes the new kit is the dogs nads.
    Although i agree that at £81 pounds i am glad that my kids have grown up and can buy their own.

  • well, i think i’ll just be sticking to the standard shirt! the site says the shirt is unvailed on the 10th (tommorow) – is that saying we can buy it, or see pictures, because it also mentions the 27th.I am really conused!

  • Just opened the sales blur which I just received. It will probably help the players if its as good as they say rather tahn the average supporter. I still like ‘last seasons’ home blue & away black which I will wear for this season. At 40 I won’t lose sleep over the latest craze.

  • I am with you russell, i live in Merseyside and i received the new kit details this morning.
    Dont worry about being forty matt, all proceeds to the club, and great to start those conversations when we are on holiday

  • It’s a great, classy looking shirt and will stand Pompey in good stead for the coming season. Some premiership shirts are classy some are flashy. Well done CCC.

  • I dont like it much because its got YELLOW in it- we’re not oxford or wimbledon so why keeeeeep having yellow. thedesign does look good ..but hate the yellow

  • to change the subject5 a little, i ahve just had a call from a bury fan i know, theyb are delighted as they undertsand that they will get 1.1 million sell on fee for Dave the decision maker Nugents agreement to join pompey. Now i will confess now he called from a bury pub and it sounded like he had been there a while.

  • Got mine in soggy Lincolnshire this morning. Looks very impressive to me, although no doubt Sol looks more impressive in it than I will,even if i’m holding my belly in for a photo !!

  • Yeah i got the letter through, i like it, similar 2 the old 1but it looks good,well ive ordered it anyway lol, classy shirt 4 a classy team, thats what we need. PUP

  • so in fact pompeyrug is the ony one IN THis OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY not to get it, hold on a mo, erm before i continue you did say you posted the prize mate didnt you.

  • if its any consolation, i dont have a letter either…guess ill just have to wait till…tommorow…to find out 😀

  • The only thing that matters is that its got the pompey badge on it! Quite honestly we could play in a blue t shirt as long as it has that badge on it. More interested in the players we are gonna sign than the kit, just looks like another money spinning adventure to me, paultsmouth says a kids kit is £81, how is that justifiable? Afraid my kids are gonna have to go to the games in last seasons shirt, although many will struggle to tell the diffence!

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