Date: 14th February 2010 at 8:38am
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I received a text last night it says it all..
Payment to previous owner….28Million….Payment to current owner……17 Million, Payment to HMRC…11.4Million, stuffint the scum 4-1 in their own back yard …PRICELESS!

I had to make do with watching it in the pub like thousands of other fans, living in Gosport we even had to contend with one solitary fan with a red and white scarf in the pub amongst the sea of blue, he stood proudly for an hour, but th escarf was soon gone.

Pompey had the Hermanninator back for a game tailor made for him, he replaced Ben Haim in the centre with Belhadj moving back to left back, Utaka replacing Piquionne up front.
The game got off predictably, the scum made all the early running with Pompey having to make do with the occasional flurry forwards, Antonio was causing problems with his long throws and they should of taken the lead on 10 when Waigo headed down unmarked, only for James to get down brilliantly and smother the ball.
The match was a proper cup tie and a proper derby at that, the play ebbed from end to end, and Pompey were the next to reallt threaten, O’Hara smashing a shot in from distance that Davis did well to tip over.
Pompey were getting some width for the first time in weeks, this is where we looked threatening, but it was nearly another disaster defensively that undid us once more, on the half hour Lambert crossed in a corner and the ball inexplicably went straight through Jamo’s hands onto the head of Jaidi, luckily he lacked the killer touch and headed over, Pompey had a real life there.
James showed his true class however as the half played out, first blocking before Lambert could touch home and then making and instinctive save from Thomas’ header, half-time arrived and it came goaless, how I do not know.

The second half was to be no different, James was at it again in the first minute, Lallana headed towards goal and must of thought he had scored, but Jamo made another great save to show Pompey fans he is still very much here.
Up to the other end and Dindane almost squirted home, the ball skidding wide however.
On almost the hour, Grant decided Pompey needed surgery, who better than Quincy to perform it? Basinas gave way.
After only a few minutes on the pitch Quincy broke the deadlock, and how. Utaka found our new boy in the box and he curled home a beauty past Davis, Pompey had the all important lead!
The Pompey crowd had just about calmed down when Lambert headed the other lot level, a cross came in and he got above Wilson to nod past James.

Our Quincy was having none of it though, he slid in another pass to Dindane and he in turn lifted it partially over Davis, the keeper got a leg to it, but after what seemed an eternity it trickled intot he net.
Barnard thought he had levelled again, but this the time the lino rightly flagged him off, it was blink and you miss it stuff.
With scum pressing hard, Pompey played the perfect counter attack, O’Hara released Belhadj from the half way line, and in a straight sprint who else would you want? The Algerian burst forward and with a quick shimmy sent Davis one way and the ball the other, 3-1 and game over.

To emphasise the point Pompey scored again, this time belhadj got forward again, he crossed for Quincy to lay a lovely pass to O’Hara who smashed home, the tie was won and Pompey had beaten our mortal enemies on their own patch.


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  • Me and Goeff(pompeyjoe on this site)watched it in my front room..i think i strained my knee juming up and down…

  • It was so tense, and such a hostile atmosphere, and quite a workout, jumping up and down so many times! Including when we thought they’d equalised for a second time and then it got ruled offside. Ha!

  • Fantastic day , fantastic result .. and credit where its due Scummers made it a hell of a game … I’m still hungover big time

  • yep, agree chixy credit where it is due scummers DID give us a hell of a game – in all honesty they should have been 3-0 up i reckon before we finally went ahead, i loved the chants ‘premier league, having a laugh’ from them towards which we later gave them ‘thats why we’re premiership’…
    absolutely loved it, there was not any jumping up and down for me tho tracy, i only sat down for a couple of minutes at half time!

  • great photo in observer today which has it all: Belhadj having just scored running away with that pumped up “im gonna kill someone”look that he does; Dindane laughing his head off, two scummers helpless on the floor and Jamie looking down at them and laughing.

  • Ive got a good feeling about us, we will almost certainly get relegated, we may even go into admin but we wont go under. There will still be a Portsmouth Football Club. PUP

  • I saw that photo the other day but I can’t remember where. Alas I found a link to the photo on Getty – Here

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