Date: 29th October 2008 at 6:24pm
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Once again Chix goes undercover and speaks to Vital Liverpool’s ‘Aamir’ about Pompey, Liverpool, curly perms and shell suits

Tell us a little about yourself (How long have you been supporting Liverpool, do you attend Anfield on a regular basis ..etc?)
I’ve been supporting Liverpool for as long as I can remember but not long enough to have seen us win a League title! I get to Anfield a few times a season but nowhere near as often as I would like.

What is your greatest moment as a Liverpool fan?
Without doubt, the 2005 Champions League win. The day had so many emotions. Some of them bad, but thankfully it ended in a superb way for us. What made it better was my Man Utd supporting friend was rolling on grass at half-time!

Who is your favourite Liverpool player of all time?
It has to be Steven Gerrard. He’s got everything and gives 110% every time he steps onto the pitch. After him, it’s Jamie Carragher who, like Gerrard, will do anything to make sure Liverpool win.

What do you consider to be the Liverpool’s board priority ? Pursuit of the Title or the Champions League?
Rafa’s priority this season is definitely to win the League but I’m not sure what the board’s is! I think Gillett and Hicks just want to get as much money as they can out of the club so they can pay off their own debts.

Is a Benitez team capable of winning the Premiership?
Definitely and I think they’ve proved that this season. It’s gonna be tough, and I’ll be happy if we just seriously challenge for it but we’ve got something about us that we haven’t had before under Rafa.

Early days I know, but who would you consider to be your best summer signing?
Robbie Keane has played very well but he hasn’t quite been banging in goals so I’d go for Albert Riera. He terrorised Wes Brown on his debut and he looks like he could be a key player for us this season.

Peter Crouch or Robbie Keane ?
That’s a difficult choice for me because Crouchy will always be one of my favourite players. Keane offers something different to Crouch and he’s more deadly in front of goal, so I’d have to go for him.

If you could pick one Pompey player to play for Liverpool who would it be and why?
Crouchy. I would love to have him back at Liverpool. He’s a legend in my eyes.

What advice would you give to Pompey fans travelling to Liverpool for the game ?
Enjoy it. Nothing much to add.

Other than ‘Walk Alone’ what’s the one song we are guaranteed to hear from The Kop on Wednesday ?
There’s the Fields Of Anfield Road, which is superb and then there’s the Torres song which is quite possibly the greatest chant the world of football has ever seen!

Which Liverpool player that can do Pompey the most damage on Wednesday and why?
I’m going to go for Gerrard because Torres isn’t likely to be 100% fit. Gerrard is, in my opinion, the most complete player in the world.

Conversely, which Pompey player do you feel can do Liverpool the most damage on Wednesday?
Again, I have to say Crouch. He’ll be looking to prove a point to Rafa and if he’s on form, he can do damage to the best defenders in the world.

Realistically, what do you expect the score to be?
I’m gonna go for 3-1 to us. I can’t see you getting anything from Anfield after what’s happened in the last couple of days with Redknapp, who has lost some of the respect I had for him by moving to Spurs despite claiming Pompey would be his last job.

What are your hopes for this season ? (What would you consider a success or disaster)
I just want us to seriously challenge for the title and have a good run in the Champions League and the FA Cup.

Where would you expect to see Pompey finish come May?
Two days ago, I would have said you’ll challenge for Europe but now that Redknapp’s gone, I think you’ll, probably finish 9th or 10th.

Finally, have you got a curly perm and do you own a shell suit ?
No I haven’t but even if I did, I wouldn’t be telling you!

My thanks to Aamir for his thoughts and comments ahead of tomorrow’s game and also to ‘Chubby’ for arranging the interview. Much appreciated fellas

So, Aamir reckons Liverpool will walk away with all three points and we will no longer make Europe

Your responses Ladies and Gentlemen please.

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