Date: 3rd September 2008 at 1:59pm
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TV again rules the roost, with Pompey kicking off the uefa cup tie with Vitoria at Fratton – yep Fratton, not the tie in Portugal – at 6pm on Thursday 18th September. The return leg is at 9.30pm – our time I presume?

Peter Storrie has told the Pompey Site that he realises that this is ‘inconvenient’ for some but with the money on offer, which is not that great in the uefa cup – in the early round at least, we had to accept this: ‘this has been a difficult decision and we fully understand that kicking off at 6pm will not be convenient to some of our supporters and regret the inconvenience.

‘It is a fantastic achievement for the club to be playing in Europe for the first time, but the UEFA Cup is not the pot of gold that is the Champions League.

‘We have to meet all our own expenses and the only way we can capitalise on our success is through television revenue for our home games.

‘Kick-off times vary enormously in the UEFA Cup so this is not unusual. All the sides who have played in the competition have at one time or another played outside the traditional time.

‘And, from next season, when the competition format changes, all games will be required to kick off at either 6pm or 8pm.

‘The earlier kick-off time for the Vitoria match will hopefully be more attractive to families and our younger fans who might not have been able to come to a later kick-off.

‘The supporters’ groups we have talked to understand the situation and we hope all Pompey fans will too.

‘Having reduced admission prices for all cup games at Fratton Park this season, we still hope to sell out and create a very special atmosphere for what will be an historic evening for the club.’

What sort of time for a game to kick off during the week is 6pm?

I am always interested to know just who ‘the supporters groups’ are that are consulted, as they always seem to agree with things that the majority – in my opinion – would not…

Although to be fair though as said we need to capitalise on the extra revenue TV will generate, as we would not get much otherwise so it is not really Portsmouth Football Club we should be angry with it is five – and other TV broadcasters – and uefa. They should be truly ashamed of themselves here for yet another blatant disregard to the fans, with them viewing the ‘TV audience’ as the more important one!

No doubt this early kick of time has been imposed so another game can be broadcast later in the evening without the TV viewers having to miss out, or make a choice… Not that I am knocking those that only watch on TV of course – there are varying reasons for this.

Tickets are only £20 – but no details on these have been released yet – which is not bad but what sort of attendances are we going to get for games at this time?

How many ‘regulars’ that deserve this moment of our first ever uefa cup game ‘might’ have to miss out due to the greed, and blatant disregard to the attending fan of the TV world – disgusting!

Again we cannot kick off at Pompey so much here, it is TV and uefa that need to look long and hard at themselves – but they will show no remorse or sorrow will they, they never do…


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