Date: 16th April 2009 at 4:31pm
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Armand Traore has told sky sports today that he feels Paul Hart could, and maybe even should, be installed as the next permanent Pompey manager. He is of course in a ‘permanent-temporary’ position until the summer.

The on-loan Frenchman said things such as ‘I think, since he has taken over, there has been a big change. The team has started to win’ and ‘why would you want to change the manager when the team is winning?’ among what he said…

I am not quite sure I agree with the ‘winning team’ thoughts as its not as if we have won that much is it, then again we were not really winning anyway were we! Maybe he is just looking to score some points to get back into the team again? Either way it is good to hear some positive vibes coming out of the club I guess!

I guess if he was appointed next season it ‘might’ at least increase our chances of keeping Traore next season, although he does not seem to be featuring in his thoughts anyway…

I still maintain my thoughts that if we keep playing the way we are, looking for draws instead of wins, we are playing a very dangerous game but at the end of the day I think we have all agreed that survival is the main thing and we have to do this however we can. Survival would be much easier though if we went for a win or two!

I also maintain my thoughts that we should not appoint Hart as manager next season, for me if we do that I reckon he would have left the club before the end of the 09/10 season as I do not reckon he would see the season out – and then I feel that being ‘relieved of his duties’ would make the chances of returning to the academy set-up highly unlikely?

Hart is much more important to us in his academy role, and for me the longer we leave him in charge of the 1st team the less likely it is that he will go back to his ‘best position’, in which case we will not be benefiting from his quality in that position in the long-term – the question is ‘who’ would take over from him this summer?

With all this said the likelihood is that he will remain in charge of Pompey next season, unless we are sold of course…


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