Date: 6th October 2007 at 2:52pm
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I had not even considered it at the start of the season. I still do not really consider it now – but it has been suggested by various people, including on Sky Sports News.

Could Pompey do what spurs have been trying to do for the past 2 years? Could we displace a top 4 side, and reach the champions league?

Lots of questions, and my answer to all of them would be “no”. I don’t think that we either could, or want to. However, it is a big step in the right direction to have people suggesting that we could try to break into the “big 4”.

At the moment, our squad is simply not good enough for the champion’s league. Arsenal ripped us apart at the emirates, we have never won at Stamford Bridge, our record at old Trafford is poor, and we have never really played that well at Anfield. Would we be able to play well abroad? I doubt it. I felt the same about UEFA cup last year – we just weren’t ready for it.

This season, I would like to see us solidify ourselves as, not only a top half of the table contender – but as a UEFA cup contender. Next season, we can move on – but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

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12 Replies to “Top 4 Pompey”

  • Only Man City look more likely to pull that off so far. I think we’d be lucky to even finish 5th.

  • who is that dude in the pic the main one in the middle cause i saw him at the leeds match lol

  • Completely disagree – (but interesting topic).

    1.) really don’t think its likely in the first place but guess you never know.

    2.) The financial support is in place, or so it seems (and it would be increased with the extra revenue stream). If by some freak circumstance we end up in a champs league slot, we would then be able to attract the calibre of player needed in the close season. They all want to go to clubs that can offer champs football and just wont come to somewhere like pompey (unless either unproven/ without top club options/ star players that are either getting on or have had some sort of issue.)

    The only thing that worries me is we go balls out in the transfer window and beyond G’s capability to support us going forwards if we dont make it to the group (cash jackpot) stage. Dont think he is that stupid tho.

    Other than that whats the worst that could happen. We crash out early, cry a bit, get on with the season with our champs league capable players and consolodate our top 4 position – maybe even slip out and lose a couple of the big names. – Hardly the end of the world.

  • Double or quits carpet, you’d be mad to think we would end up 4th in this division………There, lets see!

  • deal pompey4me. I doubt we will get in the top 4 – and as i say, i dont think it would help us at all – our hearts would sink at not getting very far, and that wouldnt help our season. the “big” playors that w would want would not come – as they want to go to a club that is going to get REGULAR champs league – and we can not promise them that. not only having been in the devision for a few years.

  • Lysimachus, luck wont come into it mate – if we finish 4th, 5th or whatever we will finish their because we deserve too, over 38 games ultimately the table doesnt lie does it… pjhaahl similarly mate if we did make it then it wouldnt be a freak circumstance would it – again it would be because we deserved it. not likely, but you never know…

  • I still think we will do well do finish top 8. African tin pot cup will have some effect on us. Everton, Man City, A Villa, W Ham & Newcastle could finish above us, don’t discount Spurs either. The top 4 will probably be the top 4.

  • 4th – 7th this is my aim for the season, i reckon we can get that… we might not like the african nations but we have to start being more respectful towards it as this means as much to the africans as the european championships do us europeans – the timing isnt great but what can you do…

  • Champs League ? – No we ain’t ready for it, however you dress it up – simple fact is UEFA would be great this season and for a couple to come – If we progress or build too quickly things will come tumbling down – we need to be patient fellas, ambitious yes… but paitent …….

  • ….so i’lll settle for 7th and qualification to UEFA by winning the League Cup (or whatever it’s called this week)

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