Date: 2nd December 2009 at 12:54pm
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I was ‘disappointed’ to see us lose in the league cup last night – and whilst I would dearly have loved to return to a showpiece final, and possibly Europe because of it – I was, surprisingly to be honest, not as down at our exit last night as I thought I would be…

Whilst relegation will not impact on my support, my concerns over the consequences this will mean to us remain so we CANNOT afford for this to happen so, and how many times have we said this already this season, our season ‘begins on Saturday’ against Burnley.

Richard Hughes, making a rare appearance for us last night – and to be brutally honest, as much as I love the guy, you can see why – has told pfcTV that Burnley is a ‘must win’ game: ‘Saturday’s the biggest game of the season so far – it’s a must-win game.’

With the final getting ever closer, seeing this dream end was a shame but the league – at least until the FA cup kicks-off – is where our head really needs to be at now and we need to get results, not just performances.

Moving on from this and doing that is what we must do: ‘we can’t dwell on it because Saturday’s too important for that.

‘We’ve had some good performances but we’re fed up with saying that because this is a results business.’

I know people can, and will, say that there is still ‘a long way to go’ but, and this is not defeatist, I think I will concede that we are done if we do not beat Burnley!

They travel poorly and are shipping a shed load of goals on these travels, so whilst we might only have 3pts more than them on the road it is their home form that is keeping them out of trouble so it is high time that we made OUR home form be the crutch that can aid us to safety – STARTING this weekend!

Yep, it is a win over Burnley or bust for me this weekend – a definite ‘must win’ as Hughesie says…


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