Date: 30th June 2008 at 3:22pm
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Toast’s summer reporter, Al Fresco, has been looking at the effect the FA Cup had worldwide by talking to the travelling fans and people of Portsmouth and asking for their stories.

First up is Fred who found himself in the Big Apple the week before the Final. The game as regular VP readers will know was only shown in the US of A on pay per view television but dotted all around the City are posters on lampposts Portsmouth v Cardiff with the clubs badges and where you can watch it. Photos have been seen as proof and when available will be posted in the albums.

PJ a Welshman but definitely not a Cardiff fan found himself in Tokyo on Final Day. On checking into his hotel he asked the reception staff where he could watch the game. The staff had difficulty in understanding our weary traveller but offered to find out for him. This was early morning and PJ hoped they had time to locate a suitably tuned television set before the 10pm kick off.

In his room he scoured the channels available on the hotel system but to no avail and early afternoon he passed reception and the staff beckoned him over. He was handed an itinerary to a Sports Bar in downtown Tokyo. The directions were of course in Japanese but a member of staff had diligently translated it all into English. All the necessary trains, platforms, walking distances etc were included. What fantastic service and how did they find out.

PJ sets off that evening following the instructions and eventually finds the bar. He walks inside and there leaning against the bar is a fan in a Pompey shirt!! Nigel is his name and he tells PJ that he was educated in Pompey but now works out of the City (London) and is based in Tokyo for some time.

The picture in the bar is not good and Nigel suggests the bar next door where they watch that famous victory and then it is taxi back to base for PJ. Next stop for PJ on his whistle stop tour is China.

There in China he manages to catch glimpses of the victory parade on Chinese television with commentary such as ??? Harry Redknapp ???? etc. He tries to explain to the locals that you can see my house just over there.

Meanwhile Sue is in deepest Thailand on holiday and on leaving the country is given the famous gift of orchids, which are wrapped in newspaper. When she arrives home in Southsea she carefully unwraps the orchids and notices the date of the paper is 17th. Across the back page is emblazoned a photograph of Harry and Joe Jordan on the training ground. Obviously an article on the upcoming game but who can read Thai?

Al Fresco has found no-one who ran into Chix so perhaps his brag he’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere may just be a slight over-exaggeration!! Just a few stories that show just what the FA Cup Final still means around the world – have you heard of any?

Written by eastneydave.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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21 Replies to “Toast Special – FA Cup Final Around The World”

  • I was on the train upto Waterloo and saw Chix downing his lager, his hair was grey then, by the time I saw him in the torch it was blue and he was trolleyed by then

  • very good to see everyodies watch i see cup final in italy very good moment wen n*****wo kanu score the goal and win the champions what is chix?

  • Chix is a blue haired Greek Adonis (kebab) who sometimes masquerades as a Grey haired guy from Salisbury who can’t spell.

  • tante grazie pentonpompey i and mia sisters had hair of blue too but not now return to yellow

  • Yes, Chix saw me, I saw him, inside Wembley. It’s been 6 weeks since we won the cup, not that I’m counting.

  • I got a text from my nephew in Perth to say he was watching the cup final out there.. he’s even text since to say he’s bought a Cup Winners t-shirt locally .. not bad eh !

  • Al Fresco wasn’t looking in the right places Dave… I was at Wembley 😉 … Although.. there have some been reports that I was seen in a little bar in Mexico ..but these are just rumours.. or there’s a doppleganger out there somewhere.

  • I wonder how many Pompey supporters watched the Cup Final from Iraq !! now that could have been an explosive experience !!
    It goes something like this ” When Pompey scored we let off some fire crackers, and the next thing we heard was a hail of gunfire bullets and bombs going off all around us, luckily it was only a few Army guys from the ex Cardiff Army barracks”…..

  • It’s stories like these that help to appreciate what a big deal the FA Cup still is….people the world over now know the name of ‘Portsmouth’!

  • Tantona – dead right and that is why I researched it at great cost and wrote it. Other frivulous members think it is all about who saw Chix ;D

  • do you think you won over many foreigners and got some new fans out of it. That alone must be worth a fortune

  • Tantona, indeed they do. I remember Krunchy saying before the game how everyone watches in Croatia, and only one Croatian had ever played in a cup final. Now one has won it.

  • Branston, undoubtedly got some new fans out of the Cup, and yes that must be worth a fortune.

  • another cracking read – the fa cup meant so much to so many around the world, and everyone knows the name of portsmouth football club now dont they, if they didnt before…

  • Sorry Dave – I didn’t mean to take away from your article which was a very interesting read! I wonder where the strangest place that anyone watched the FA Cup was? Perhaps where the most remote place that someone saw the game?

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