Date: 13th March 2010 at 3:39pm
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A message is spelt out by tracyc for, well I will leave it to her to explain.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing it.

What has happened at Portsmouth? Well nobody actually knows, that’s why the team of Administrators have started to investigate.

Yes, there was a stage when the club were spending more money on players than they were getting in income. Are they the only club to do this? Hardly!

Yes, they have notched up huge debts. Need I ask if they’re the only club to do this?

In 2008 when Pompey won the FA Cup they had a wealthy benefactor in Sacha Gaydamak who was footing the bills. There are a lot of other football clubs currently in this situation. Then something changed, Gaydamak stopped funding the club and said that he wanted his money back, which he had been chalking up as the club’s debts as he spent it. Could this happen to other clubs? Of course it could.

I don’t know exactly what happened with Gaydamak’s money. I do know that the Standard Bank foreclosed on the loan. That could happen to other clubs too. As for anything else to do with the Gaydamak family’s financial situation, I wouldn’t like to start to speculate on that.

Since Gaydamak left the club, it was initially sold to Al Fahim, who came in with promises of billions and a bright future for the club. He didn’t put a penny in, put the club in a position all summer where ‘due diligence’ was going on and so there was no transfer activity possible until 2 days before the window shut. This was because his hand was forced to actually buy the club because another consortium was also interested. There were a lot of promises, including on of £50 million investment, but nothing actually happened.

After a short period of time, when the club had floundered from bad to worse under Al Fahim’s stewardship, it was sold to that other consortium, headed by the mysterious Al-Faraj, who may or may not actually exist. I have heard that they did have £35 million investment at the time Al Fahim took over but by the time they did take over it had gone. I don’t know if that’s true or not. Chief Executive Peter Storrie, who introduced the Al-Faraj consortium told us they had a lot of money and would take the club to ‘another level’. In Al-Faraj’s time he brought in his own people, including spurs fan Mark Jacob and convicted fraudster and asset stripper Daniel Azougy. The players and staff went unpaid, the club went perilously close to a winding up order and eventually one of the club’s creditors, Chainrai, took over to protect his investment.

Of course both Al-Fahim and Al-Faraj had passed the Premier League’s ‘Fit and Proper Person Test’.

Since seizing control, Chainrai has done the only thing he could do by, sadly, making this proud old club the first premier league one to go into administration, but thereby rescuing it from annihilation by HRMC. The administrators he appointed are trying to investigate what has gone on at Pompey.

So, to those who keep trotting out the over-simplistic view that Pompey cheated in 2008 by overspending, if you really have such a good understanding of what has gone on at Pompey, please tell the administrators, because they really need to know. If you don’t really know, then SHUT UP!

And as for Pompey deserving what has been happening because they got themselves into this mess, then please clarify exactly who it is that is still involved with the football club, who got the club into the mess. Or, again, shut up. And don’t even think of trying to tell me that by wanting success, the fans were to blame. What football fans don’t want their club to have success? That’s what football fans do.

Pompey fans have been through hell this season, it wouldn’t surprise me if the local health authority sees an increase in stress-related illnesses (I am completely serious) but we have had a glimmer of success in the FA cup this season. Including going to our local rivals and giving them a sweet thrashing. This is something to smile about at last, and it has been achieved by pure ‘backs against the wall’ never say die Pompey spirit, by the fans, the manager and our rag tag band of loans and free signings on the field all pulling together against adversity. And now we’ve got a day out at Wembley to look forward to. So its time the general media stopped having a go, and applauded our spirit – because that’s what football is really about.

All the time people are writing that Pompey were cheating, or deserve what is happening, they are ignoring the important message. Football is in a mess and this could happen to your club too! Lets wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.

Written by tracyc.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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  • Most decent, sensible minded fans will accept that as a team we havn’t cheated on the pitch. Most clubs are running on empty & being propped up rich owners who use the club to offsetb their personal debt.

  • Excellent article

    At least 15 out of 20 PL clubs rely on their owners to make up the financial shortfall.

    It seems to me that a lot of the gutter press are responsible for this pathetic idea.

    Did we buy the FA cup? Maybe….

    Did Chelsea buy the league, are Spurs trying to buy 4th place, are Man Utd £750M in debt – its all about money, who has it & who doesn’t. If that means cheating then virtually everyone in the league is guilty of cheating.

    So I say to all of Pompey’s detractors – get your nose out of our business if you’ve got nothing sensible to say & have a look at your own club, chances are you’ll find out you’re “cheats” as well

  • Brilliant Tracy – you go girl! WhtI found so nausating was when we beat Burley fair and square and then they sad that we were cheats, using the Tax payers money to pay our players wages. What monumental hypocracy! Do they not use David Nugent, whose wages we pay half of?

  • Well said tracyc! The more we say this out loud and clear the more chance the masses will listen and some may be convinced.

  • Good points, very well made! Most people I have heard who make similar remarks either have no idea what they are talking about. To be honest, I live miles from the homeland (knee deep in Arsenal/Spurs spawning grounds) and most people my way are genuinely sympathetic and understanding and realise that this could be them too – it only seems to be the media who have never been fans of us lets me honest.

    Good artical Tracey!

  • This is a stone on glass houses thing, if your club is NOT in debt then you can criticise; if it is in debt shut yr fuq1ing mouth

  • Blimey I read the whole article. Brilliant piece of work apart from one small sentence about you know what.

    There are very few people who know what went on and wrong. There are a whole heap of clubs in as bad or worse condition than yourselves.

    You are by all accounts nearly out of this mess. Like us you will have to rebuild. Unlike us, you may only drop the one level before you start the fight back.

    Take no notice of what others say. As it was for us, Leeds.Luton,Bournemouth,Cardiff and a whole host of others so it is for you.

    It is a starting point. My only regret is that our two clubs don’t get on better than they do. If they did we would have been able to play friendlies if not meaningful matches. Pompey not meaningful against Saints, don’t be mad. But I hope you get my drift.

    Tracyc good on you girl. This could be true for so many clubs and fans over the next decade.

  • I bet Aruna D would call us cheats! ready and fit to play, the only reason he will not feature is because we cannot pay Lens for his services. What a farce. Thats why we cannot play with 2 up front, even at Wembley, at least not until 10 mins from the end when we can unleash Kanu. Williamson also suffered earlier in the season remember, I bet the PL give 500K each to Lens and Watford – or 2+2 = 5!

  • To be honest, all the poeple who are contacting SKY and the rags dont have a clue what is going on, if they did they would not be calling us cheats. They are just wanting their minute of fame to get their name read out or printed. Ignor them Tracy they are all fools (See what i done there with the Mr T thing lol)

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