Date: 20th March 2008 at 3:17pm
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The Ticketmaster mayhem to achieve a Semi Final ticket, take one.

Monday evening I went down with a violent sickness and diarrhoea bug, so when my 76 year old dad rang me at 5.15pm, distraught at the fact he had been trying to ring Ticketmaster for his Semi Final ticket since 2pm you can imagine this was the last thing I needed.

I am used to him ringing me when he can’t operate his Skybox and/or his video, or disc player etc so I then tried for him. At about 7pm I eventually got through to the automated service, which then proceeded to take over 30 minutes to complete the transaction. The most frustrating part was where your name and address was supposedly voice recorded, however when it was played back to you it was empty. I then realised that there was a long delay before the recording started because I heard my wife calling the kids for there tea on the recording which was several seconds after I had originally finished giving the info.

Eventually all was done and I rang my old fella. He was a man with mixed emotions. I think he was pleased in one way to have a ticket but still a little worried he still might not be able to share the experience with me. I remember him saying earlier “60 years I have been waiting for Pompey to get to Wembley and I wont be able to go” and his frustration emphasized when he had said “If I can’t get a ticket I’m going to go down to the club to tell them to cancel my season ticket from now on”.

Now I’ve got to do it all again for him for my ticket on the 24th. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!! This system was frustrating for me, how much more for an OAP who doesn’t do technology!

Written by plymouth graham.

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12 Replies to “Ticketmaster Mayhem”

  • …550 automated/actual person lines? only sold 13 000 tickets…that should never have involved so much hassle!

  • i rang to confirm my booking of £25 tickets as i wanted £55 was told by the robotic there was not any, went for £45, got told the wasnt any, went for £35 and thought i got them only to find now i am getting £25.. ah well i thought, i am going thats trhe main thing. But when i confirmed it i was told 3000 £45 tickets and 4000 £35 tickets were being remade available today, as they didnt actually sell, but got locked up due to the system being rubbish. I asked if i could change mine, i was told no. Wonderfull, as normal a total disgrace.

  • Apparently the system went wrong at one point and some people who thought they had tickets haven’t, so best to check your credit card/bank statements to make sure payments have gone through.
    That is unforgiveable! If my tickets from the ManU stubs don’t come through I may have to go for the general sale free for all – what joy that’s likely to be.

  • Ok I don’t know if this is common knowledge guys, because I haven’t been able to keep up with the net and Portsmouth FC discussion for a while because of other commitments, but my father managed to buy more tickets today using his season tickets even though he’d already used his allocation up. Now he’s got close ties to PFC (don’t want to say why) so he called them to ask if they knew of the situation and apparently they had not. It turns out that all you had to do is order tickets, wait 30 or so minutes and order more on the same ticket numbers over and over again. PFC have since suspended sale.

  • Just to rub salt into the wounds my dad just told me that he only became aware of this after a guy told him that he managed to purchase 8 tickets off 1 season ticket. All of you right up the top, start to feel a little peeved.

  • so basically tciket master has screwed us over, if they are letting season ticket holders – or were – buy multiple amounts then the amount the have will have reduced significantly, which might mean many people that thought they ‘still’ had a chance in actual fact wont… has anyone else heard anything back about the united ticket stubs yet?

  • just you wait for the chaos trying to get a final ticket will involve – I speak from experience 🙂

  • dont even go there mate… so fellas what is the real deal here? some people say they have been able to purchase more than 1 ticket with their season ticket in phase 1, when it was meant to be a maximum of 1 per season ticket/blue army members in this phase?
    ive emailed ticketmaster – what a carry on that is to just email them! – to ask them the deal, there ‘self help’ section backs up the original thoughts, 1 per season ticket member/member in phase 1 until midnight tomorrow, then a chance at another 2 per ticket maximum monday – wednesday…

  • Anyone read the snooze today?

    “Pompey season ticket holders have been warned by the club ? try to get extra tickets for the FA Cup semi-final and we’ll blacklist you for the final.”

    Link to article

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