Date: 9th February 2006 at 8:43pm
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I have to start with some personal news. I have been asked to run this site as the main editor. After several years of contract negotiations, Vital Football have offered me a contract that the national newspapers couldn?t afford. I have big plans for this site and I would ask that you help me make this the ?biggest Pompey site.? I need as many people to register and to get there mates to register as possible.

Rupert Lowe has fired a parting shot at Harry Redknapp, which now brings Southampton?s shots this season up to three. (Might get in trouble for that!)

‘I think in retrospect, what was clear was that what Harry said to one’s face wasn’t necessarily what he was saying to the media and that is a very difficult situation to manage,’ Lowe told Sky Sports News.

D?Alessandro has said, “It’s very possible that I will have to return to Wolfsburg when my loan at Portsmouth ends.? I don?t think he thinks Portsmouth will stay up!

Harry Redknapp has said that he thinks we can beat Manchester United and why not after all we will be playing 4-4-2. Won?t we Harry!!!!


This one is going to shock you! The rumour that I have heard coming out of Portsmouth is that a Portsmouth player has been arrested. Now I wouldn?t read anything into this as I have nothing to back it up! I thought I better put that in just encase it?s true, so I can say I broke the news. I do have a name but I think I?d loose my job and get sued if I said it. As I said though it is probably a pathetic rumour made up by someone.

Lua Lua to play Saturday.


Well, if you didn?t hear how we have so many views about Rupert Lowe?s comments then Click Here
Then there was more in the forum.

This is the best of the Southampton views;

“Hi mate, Im from VitalSouthampton. I havent heard the interview but I understand your annoyance, if it was Milan I would be thinking the same – but Milan has used these tactics too.? Mcguirk

?And you threw a game last season to ensure our relegation – is it any wonder Lowe’s trying to add to your problems now.” Fizzypooptour

?Milans also made bad decisions – its ridiculous you treat him like the messiah. Your close to joining us. If he gets u relegated then how will he have done any better than lowe ? ?fizzypooptour

Top class youth academy, training facilities, new stadium, balancing the books, getting maximum transfer fees – lots of other boring business type stuff that he excels at. mcguirk

Portsmouth Fans

None of Milans decisions have cost us yet! Rupert has allways got it wrong! Can you name one thing he has got right? Richarddyer

Ok gd at that stuff i’m sure but not the footbal side of things because he has no experiance in it! Lmatthews

His aim is to make you think he’s an idiot and get wound up. He wants Pompey to be wound up by it. You can bet its worked in winding up Mandaric too. 1976

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Yesterday?s topic of the day was, ?Do you want Jim Smith back at Portsmouth??
We had no comments on this but the vote (of over 100 people!!) showed that you Pompey fans are split on the idea of a possible return.

Yes= 50%
No= 50%

Friday?s topic of the day is, ?Should Lua Lua play Saturday?? I have set up a vote for you but I also want your opinion. So log in or register, go to the forum, where I have set up a topic called ?Should Lua Lua play?? and have your say!! Also still want your contribution towards Rupert Lowe!


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