Date: 23rd February 2011 at 4:10pm
Written by:

A footballer is contracted to a club, they have a ‘relegation release clause’, that only he can activate, so this player has plenty of power as it is!

This player, Tal Ben-Haim by the way, then leaves to sign for another club, West Ham, only for this to fall through – talk of failed medicals and a failure to agree terms is behind this…

He eventually leaves to join this club on loan for 5-months with them having the option to sign him at the end of the loan.

This loan draws nearer to a conclusion and little sign of a permanent move, or loan extension, can be seen so when the agreement finally does end he returns to his parent club, Pompey, so it should be as simple as him then playing for us as he is under contract with PFC until the summer of 2012.

But no, this is Portsmouth Football Club we are talking about here so it cannot be that easy!

Talks of a dispute with West Ham do the rounds, although they deny this.

PFC are not paying his £36,000 p/w wages, although this is disputable and no one really seems to know – although I find it hard to believe that we are not.

The agent of the said player then decides to say that you will need to ‘talk to Portsmouth’ to find out what the situation is!

No one is available to comment on this statement…

It is a sorry state of affairs that a person is able to collect massive amounts of money and still get paid for ‘not doing his job’, more disappointingly so is that it is becoming more and more common in football these days that footballers are happy to collect the cash and not work for this.

Well over £100,000 p/m, over £1m per year will be paid to this bloke who is not doing anything to ‘earn’ this.

This situation is a bloody joke, and long since became farcical!

If the guy is under contract to us then he is being paid by us, so as such he needs to start doing more than just ‘train’, he needs to be a part of the squad to at least start doing something to justify, even in small part, picking up any money at all.

We are paying more than enough to footballers who cannot/will not get involved for whatever reason and this ridiculous farce that sees us pay out the best part of £300,000 p/m I would think to 3 players that are doing NOTHING makes my blood boil!

Jeez, come on guys lets get this farcical situation sorted out once and for all, I think it has dragged on for more than long enough and cannot be that complex, surely…


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