Date: 9th November 2007 at 11:28am
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Nugent has been a very good player right from the start but suddenly we don’t know what happened, but we can simply say he lost form.

Last season Nugent was all right, he impressed in a lot of the matches he played but that was at a different level.

The young 22 year old striker has not been in form lately and has pleaded with Harry to give him a chance.

But what I want to say is that this young striker has another chance to prove himself strong, and that would be during the African Cup of Nations period starting on the 20th of January. We are going to miss 2 good strikers during that period (Kanu and Utaka), had Zimbabwe qualified it would have been 3 (Benjani).

Unfortunately I don’t know what Harry is going to do about this but I know every problem has a solution, Nugent has this period to show himself strong and if he disappoints the club something bad might occur.

As I round up this article I plead with Harry to give Nugent another chance.

Written by tozopompey.

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17 Replies to “There is still hope for Nugent”

  • the fella that wrote this – tozopompey – is a youngster from nigerian who sent me a couple of messages before starting to get involved… i like the fella, he says that virtually all the people where he grew up wore united, chelski, arsenal and liverpool shirts but he has chosen pompey because of our african players – he is flying the flag in nigeria for us!

  • as far as the article goes, if he can stay then depending on who we sign – if anyone? – then he could have a great chance and if he gets it and takes it it could be the start of the glittering career i feel that nuge will have in the top flight… i desperately want him to be a success here, but as ive often voiced i have my concerns that maybe his card has already been marked by ‘arry?

  • I share your desperation for him to be a success Rug, lets hope he gets the chance in January. But after ‘Arry agreed he could go to Derby just after signing him, I just don’t know what sort of future the gaffer thinks he has here. And that’s the opinion that counts the most at the end of the day.

  • First, well done tozopompey on a good article and for having the good taste to pick a team with heart & character ! Every problem does indeed have a solution for those patient enough to look for it. Question with Nuge is whether, as a young striker with something to prove, he will have the patience to wait his turn ? He would likely have to do so if he was in the squad of one of the top 4 clubs so in my opinion, if he does so, it will show a great deal of character, and if he doesn’t, then we wish him well…and we’ll still have Kanu right !!

  • everton was he team he supported – but that never acted against him. His first trial was at liverpool (which regected him) – evertons rivals. Everton never made an offer for him – and so he had the choice between here or sunderland. He took a long time deliberating (some say hopng for everton to make an offer), before sunderland pulled out, and he had to choose betweenhere, or stay at preston. Obviously, he chose here, and has since wanted to prove his worth by staying with pompey, not being sold, or loaned out. Loaning him to sheffield wednesday (sorry will it ever happen) would be pointless, as we know he can play in the championship – but can he play in the premiership? a loan to derby in order?

  • No we need him to be at Fratton, dont lend him out, we cant afford another injury whilst out on loan like Cranie.
    He will need to come on in the games coming up, and he needs to play with the players at our club, not bloody Derby!!

  • Im still not convinced with him at all. I know we should give players a chance, & he does work hard, but thats just not enough. ive said it before & I’ll say it again, the next striker we get has to be better than the one’s we have now!…dropped myself in it their didnt I, what with Benji top in the prem…but you get the idea, we have to keep improving!!! Im not being funny, but Healy at 1 mil has, at times, look miles better than Nugent….I think we should get rid…….I got an idea,lets get another African!!! :):):):)

  • its hard to say – we have not really seen enough of him have we, as 10 minutes here or 15 minutes there isnt really enough… that said, he hasnt exactly covered himself in glory has he. i would still like to see him play a part and get a chance, but it will be hard patience is the key and taking the chance if/when it comes up. and that is taking the chance as in scoring and playing well…

  • Concerned as you say Rug, that his card is already marked.. The rumoured deal with Derby is hardly a glowing endorsement of your skills! Strikes me that he maybe a bit of a handful (in a ‘maintenance’ way – the article in the Sun, wanting to join Everton and going public on it, p*ssing Keane around etc…) Also I think he’s likely a ‘confidence player’ (a la Benjani) – and at the moment it is shot to bits. He gets outscored in the reserves by Traore! Also after the (admittedly) poor start, he hasn’t looked too clever when he has played, and now the form is going in the reserves.. He is young (still only 22?) – and there is time. Whether it’s here though?? Harry will either be arranging a deal with Derby or whoever for the TW opening, and also on a replacement or two, with the ACoN. Or planning to give him that period.. As it is, if we continue with the formation, and Benjani stays fit, (crosses fingers) – he would only make the bench. But come the ACoN, we may need to find a different formation to suit the players that are left… (Conundrum time…)!

  • Great comments Scott … and a great first article Tozo… Nugent is becoming a bit of an enigma isn’t he ….. I posted something in the forum a week or so ago asking whether anybody else is failing out of love with the idea that he is going to be a scoring legend for us (as we first thought) .. The longer it goes on the less I feel he is going to stay let alone come through…. I fear he may turn out to be a victim of his own ambition… Shame really but as with every player … We must put Pompey first and if he’s a waste of space he must go .. End of !

  • dont have a clue whats going to happen to him, really feel sorry for him however, as his future was really bright, with everyone raving on about him, and now its at a dead end! i wish in january he will get a chance, and take it, scoring a bag full of goals!
    imagine if he had scored that goal agaisnt united, the one where a defender flicked it over the bar, would things be different then?

  • Lets give him a chance, dont get like those fans who slag players off before they get a good go.
    Benjy was portrayed as the striker who could not score, now look at him.
    Nugent deserves a chance, he has not spoken out of turn he appears to be getting on with life at Fratton.
    When he gets a full game or six in the Premiership we will see if he has got what it takes, but please dont send him out on loan.

  • yes but benjis overall play was excellent, even when he arrived at the club, i dont think we will see nugent running around like a headless chicken trying to cliam every ball will we?

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