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After hours of marking your answers to the hardest quiz ever set about Portsmouth F.C. Chix reveals the winner.

After hours of marking your answers to the hardest quiz ever set about Portsmouth F.C. Chix reveals the winner.

Apologies to those waiting to hear if they were successful in winning quiz I’ve been otherwise engaged on Blue Army duties with a number of my troops.

Anyway, without further ado here’s a little piece that reveals the winner.

Remember, the quiz was held over a four week period with 25 questions published each week. The questions all had a different points value but nobody knew which questions carried the greatest number of points if answered correctly. There were 50 points on offer each week.

And they’re off

As the runners left the stalls Galloping Pompey Grant established an early lead with an impressive score of 28 and despite numerous attempts by ‘Housewives Choice’ Sly Sneakay and odds-on favourite Spanish Gino to try and stump Chix & Dave with questions such as ‘What was my seat number at Wembley?’ and ‘Fill in the blanks from this random list of Pompey players?’ no bonus points were awarded. The week did end positively for Sly Sneakay however as his score of 33 ensured he went neck and neck into the first bend with Irish trained Frippy’s Quest.

Week two saw more questions fired at the stewards. Again, most of them answerable until Sly Sneakay’s ‘What colour boots did John Utaka wear for the final game of the season?’ caused huge controversy which eventually ended in photographic and video evidence being exchanged. In the end the stewards relented and awarded the first bonus points to Sly Sneakay. Meanwhile Spanish Gino’s mount was left was sulking in a corner as despite having written to the Canadian FA to establish Asmir Bergovic’s squad number whilst on international duty, the stewards classified the question as misleading and used their power to disqualify it. Meanwhile, further down the course Frippy’s Quest gained a further ten points with a curved ball question about the goalscorers in Kanu’s charity match.

As they approached the half way mark Frippy’s Quest and Sly Sneakay had pulled well away from the chasing pack but the latter had managed to establish a one point lead. It was turning into a two horse race, but there was always the threat of a late surge and most of the bookmakers expected Spanish Gino to be lurking on the rails.

As the jockeys pulled their nags into week three Frippy’s Quest found an extra yard in his stride an lodged an impressive 41 out of 50 to make him virtually untouchable with still a over a quarter of the race to run, but as always the threat known as Spanish Gino was eventually awarded 10 bonus points for a question about current squad members being signed from foreign clubs. It was now a three horse race, but as one horse had unseated his jockey, and another was struggling to even find a one Frippy’s Quest galloped toward the final furlongs.

Although a good few lengths ahead, the final week saw Frippy’s Quest stumble, and with the threat of Spanish Gino and a revitalised Sly Sneakay around the bend the race began to take its toll on the old nag, and just inside the home straight his legs buckled when he delivered his lowest weekly score of just 25. A late surge and public display of nonsense from The Rabbi did little to alter the lead and a potential late showing of yearling I’m Mad me never materialised. Neither did the empty promise from Spanish Gino. With meters to go and performing like a true champion Frippy’s Quest used the rules to his advantage and resubmitted before the closing date to add a additional 14 points to his overall total and eased himself past the finishing post.

As he entered the Winners Enclosure Frippy’s Quest was greeted with the knowledge that he had obliterated the field and amassed a staggering 150 points out of a possible 200 and with 20 bonus points to add to that total he was completely untouchable.

Well done Pompey Frippy a tremendous effort on your part and a score to be really proud of – I’ll email you all the answers of course and should anybody else want a full copy please PM me and I will oblige. Please note however, I will not be publishing them en-bloc on the web as I fear they will get copied and re-branded within about 24 hours and too much work has gone into them for that to happen, but I will be running a thread to discuss and reveal all the answers in the forum Click here for more info

Finally, the prize. Frippy follow this link PM me your choice and I’ll ask the lovely Belleza (the Vital Pompey PA) to place an order for you.

Let’s hear it for Pompey Frippy. The winner of the hardest Pompey Quiz ever published.. Now that is some title !

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11 Replies to “The Vital Pompey Quiz Winner Is..?”

  • Well Done Frippy that was impressive stuff – 75% correct – I’m not sure Dave & I could have got that many.. and we wrote the questions

  • Well done Frippy, due to work and other things going on i’ didn’t discover the quiz until the 3rd week when it was too late for me to try and catch up, although i doubt i’d have come anywhere near your score even if i had found it earlier.

  • Thanks guys! Thought I blew any chances with the last weeks questions but found some great sources out there to help me along. I’m made up with that a a huge thanks to Chix and Dave for writing the questions and giving us this fun adventure around the internet looking for stuff that may or may not be hidden somewhere. Thanks again and I look forward to the next one! Now where did I leave that crown?

  • By the way, the most recent goal from a corner prior to Valentines day to my recollection was scored for Pompey by Darren Carter, an own goal in the last minute by the Preston midfielder in the 5th round of the FA Cup, 17th February 2008. It is very possible there is one closer more recent than that, but I couldn’t think of one.

  • Hugely impressive Frippy. Of course, the challenge for quiz2 must now be thrown down, but christ, it must hae been hard work to put together. Well done Chix and Dave

  • Well done Frippy – Unfortunately I ran out of time after week 2 so I could not give you the close race to the finish! Maybe next time.

  • Well done Frippy – and most of all I am glad you all enjoyed it. It was designed by the VP team to take your mind off the other things that are going on and I think it worked.

    As for Quiz #2 we will have to see but it won’t be too soon.

  • Spanish Gino did answer all questions, but laptop died before the entry was made…..bad times 🙁 I would’ve won if it wasn’t for those pesky kids…. Good round up though Chix, made me laugh!!

  • Great quiz and thanks for putting the effort in to compile it. I look forward to seeig all the answers jus to find outhe few I gt correc!!

  • Thanks for your comments fellas .. believe it or not we enjoyed doing it .. Even learnt a few things myself

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