Date: 29th November 2009 at 9:01am
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Pompey Malta on the chances of another ‘great escape’ happening.

Sooner rather than later, the unlikely must happen if Pompey are to avoid a frantic finale to this season’s campaign. Having had two owners and two managers already, in the space of 13 weeks, Portsmouth are already writing history; but the question is: “Can Pompey write some positive history once again?”

The answer is simple: “Yes, only if the unlikely happens!’ — 71st minute – Matty Taylor shots past Pollitt from the penalty spot to put Pompey ahead of a stubborn Wigan team who have been in front up till 10 minutes before. Benjani had scored, the unlikeliest of scorers; having scored only his first goal in 15 matches. — That was the moment that Pompey fans still talk about, the completion of the great escape. It all started when Pedro Mendes’s amazing shot beat David James from 25 yards.

That is history, and as we have seen in the world’s general history that; ‘History repeats itself’. Most of Portsmouth fans believe that history will, indeed repeat itself. The problem is that we aren’t sure if hope is letting us get carried away. The 2005/2006 team was completely different from the one we have today.

The only things in common are these three factors:
a) Portsmouth having a great manager;
b) Portsmouth players having determination and fighting spirit;
c) Portsmouth having the fans right behind its team. Betting companies and book makers have relegated us a long time ago, but football is played on the field.

The season is young albeit 14 weeks from our campaign has passed. We have won 2 and drew 1. The great escape season’s end-of-season statistics showed that Pompey had won 10 matches in a whole season, and these statistics only comfort the Pompey fans as we are 8 wins away and a couple of other draws from safety. The unlikely happened before, and it must happen yet again.

Portsmouth’s results this season have been deceiving, but the performances have been of high quality. Let us hope, and hold tight as another great escape is surely in place in the weeks to come. We may only ask: “When will it start?”

Written by Pompey Malta.

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8 Replies to “The Unlikely Must Happen”

  • Looking at the current League Table and assuming Wolves and Bolton are 2 of the relegation candidates with Hull/Wigan the third (I believe Everton and West Ham are likely to get more points by the end of the season than Hull or Wigan) we actually are 9 points behind Hull and 10 behind Wigan – that’s actually quite a lot to catch up and overtake them – we might need 38-40 points to achieve this. So here’s the home games I believe we MUST WIN to have a chance of getting there:
    Burnley ? 5 Dec
    Birmingham – 16 Jan
    West Ham ? 26 Jan
    Stoke ? 20 Feb
    Hull ? 20 Mar
    Blackburn ? 3 Apr
    Wolves ? 1 May.
    So that?s 21 points plus the 7 we already have = 28 points. We then need 12 points from the rest of the games remaining?. Still seems possible to me AS LONG AS THESE 7 HOME GAMES ARE WON!!!!

  • I agree with PFCblue….I can’t see us getting out of this under our own steam. We need other teams to be doing badly too. Trouble is, we’ve had a long period where we were 4 points off safety. It wasn’t taken advantage of and now we’re 8 points adrift.

  • give me Mendes, Taylor, O’Neil and Benjani back in January and id be a happy man !! – some of whom were deemed not good enough to take us forward…. pah !!!

  • Hate to say but we ARE going down – I can’t see any way we’ll avoid it.

    I’ve always believed we’d stay up for every other season we’ve been in the Prem League but you can’t run a football club the way Gaydamak & Storrie have done during the last 18 months. In all honesty do we even deserve to stay up? The fans deserve it for putting up with the club being a running joke

    Really, really hope I’m wrong………..


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