Date: 25th May 2009 at 2:05pm
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Since January, well probably before, these ‘fire sale’ thoughts have raged… to a degree that has not been the case, that said players have been sold off in dribs and drabs! Should, as expected, others go the same way this summer – be that players being released/sold – then all in all we would have had a fire sale spread over a period of time…

I am becoming more and more disillusioned with football in general as it is, so this summer is going to make or break my trust in Portsmouth Football Club methinks – and this thread of trust is wafer thin as it is!

We are told ‘we have situations in hand and players will stay’, but then get fed contradictory information and wonder why the papers reel off ‘story after story’ about us, to be fair, even if only a little bit, ‘Storrie‘ offers them plenty of ammunition to use…

One day we say ‘we do not need to sell players this summer’, then the very next we ‘confess’ that ‘players might need to be sold’, those ‘revelations’ then lead to a media frenzy of ‘
‘Pompey admit they will sell this summer’ stories to which we counter with the ‘there will be no fire sale and all this talk is rubbish’ spiel…, well, sorry but we do feed much of this info so which is it?

Can we, or can we not afford to keep players?

In all honesty I do not think that we, as things currently stand, realistically need big neon signs to point to ‘no chance’ do we! There are millions in the game yet ours seem to have been spent ludicrously – as my mate Ken says all in all we have seen a total ‘miss management of Pompey.’ Far too much money has been dished out to very Tom, Dick and Harry, the fact that senior figures at boardroom level are picking up some £2m plus per year, oops, sorry that was a mistake as it is ‘only’ around £1m – which still makes them one of the top 5 paid executives in the country! – seems to spell it out, maybe we need to make some ‘cut backs’ financially to help ‘balance the books’ in these areas too…

The arrival of Aaron Mokoena, with the greatest of respect, does not fill me with optimism of what is ahead – this seems to clearly suggest that Paul Hart is getting the job, and what route he is taking, as who else would authorised us bringing him in?

Why give a guy a 3-year contract – although we are remaining tight lipped on this not ‘officially’ confirming anything – that a ‘new manager’ might not want? I do not have faith in Hart’s ability to manage us long-term and do not think he will last that long to be honest! All that said I will of course back him ‘when’ he is confirmed.

Like I say we are approaching a ‘make or break’ summer for me – of course my support will go on regardless as I supported us ‘when we were s**t(er)’, long before dreams of cup glory, long before premier league football and a star studded international squad – even having an international for any nation, at any level, was a ‘big thing’, so I will support us long still but I think it is time that we were stopped being treated like mugs and fleeced for all we can be and were treated with some honesty and respect.

If players are going be honest to us, and them. I can accept technically inferior players, in many ways that is probably how it should have been all along for us, generally these types of player are far more committed to the job in hand and this can go a long way!

I guess a lot depends on us being sold or not, but even so I am not really expecting anything less than ‘star player’ departures this summer, some I would walk to the gates in all honesty, others I would try to padlock in if I could.

Do not let us down Pompey, treat us with the honesty and respect that we deserve – we plough so much into this club – mentally, physically and financially – if we are to revert to ‘little Portsmouth’ again, so be it, but just be up front with us and admit as much! It is likely be a painful summer anyway with the final members of a team that took some years to assemble is finished being dismantled in a 12-month period but at least we will know what to expect and will be fully prepared for this, we will not be left to cling to hopes that you give us, which are then followed with actions which totally go against them.

Loyalty, respect and honesty should work both ways – sadly this is not always the case is it, just give us this back, that is all I ask…


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