Date: 17th March 2011 at 4:51pm
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2010/11 season v Boro in the league at Fratton, Friday 11th – Saturday 12th March 2011.

Another overnight stop in Cosham, for the Boro game, kicked-off on Friday night.

The fairly regular 18:02 – Exeter St Davids, to make a connecting 19:26 – London Waterloo was on the cards. With some concerns over my online banking, problems with logging into my account and talks of it being flagged up following ‘unusual activity’ on it, making this train was starting to look a little dodgy. Constantly being put on hold, transferred and then left on hold again meant I cut it fine! Of course sorting this was important so staying on the line, even if it meant I could not make my train, crossed my mind but fortunately, with it my understanding this was now sorted, a member of the fraud department or something was going to get in touch with me, a phone call was missed but a voicemail left to say that they would call me back, they never did…

So far so good, as far the travel went anyway. All ran smoothly to enable me to make a connection at Salisbury, that despite being a few minutes late, still let me make another connection at Scumhampton Central at 22:13 so I was in Cosham, and home by a little after 11pm, a good half an hour earlier than I would have been had I not made the Salisbury connection.

Saturday meant that the now traditional trip to Cosham to have a fried breakfast with my cousin Matt would happen, although not before I again phoned up to find out more about my online banking – again I left on hold for ages and despite doing this, that and the other I had not ‘satisfied them’ sufficiently for them to tell me what the exact issue was, some ID needed to be taken to a branch so they could then phone them to verify who I was! What a joke, although at least I knew that there were no issues at all with the security of my account and money. As for the breakfast, as always this was top class and hit the spot.

After going round to see my other cousin Louise, obviously Matt’s sister, to see her and the kids we ended up having to take them back to my Aunty’s for a while – My other cousin Paul came to collect me just before 1.30pm and then we set off to collect Saunders and then it was lunch. With Paul ‘forgetting his wallet’ it was my shout. Not often a fan of McDonald’s a break from the norm made a change and was actually quite nice as it was not too heavy or too light. Having put on a couple of cheeky bets, which did not come off, it was time to take the seat for the game. Whilst it was by far from being the worst game I had seen it was not that good so part of me was left thinking maybe being kept on hold on the Friday night would not have been so bad as it would have saved me from the 0-0…

This was ‘one of those games’ that you get from time to time. Not that entertaining, for large periods of it but not one of the worse games every, although certainly not one of the best! All in all, and as some people had said that they thought would be the case, I think it was a ‘tired’ looking Pompey.

It was quite obvious, from an early stage, that Boro came for a point – to be fair when you are still fighting the threat of relegation you have to do what you have to do, and a point away from home represents a very good one for them.

One thing that certainly did not help the game was the ref! I have never seen him before, and hopefully I never will again – it was almost as if he had been knocking around the lower reaches of the football pyramid for donkies then suddenly got the call on the Friday night, which left him thinking it was his ‘moment of fame’, so wanted to ensure that this was the case. What was, on the whole a poor(ish) game that lacked quality was not helped by his constant ‘stop-start’ approach, which certainly benefited Boro more.

Back to Cosham for a little after 5.30pm, the days results were input into the vital database and then a spot of Lasagne and salad eaten before I set off for my 19:39 train, again the financial aspect of things meant that I needed to get a train, not ideal but necessary on the Saturday night. A change at Westbury went without a hitch and I was at Dawlish on time, and back in doors and bed by midnight. Trina woke briefly so say hello but with a 12-hour shift worked that day, and another to come on the Sunday, she was soon off to sleep again.

If anyone is ever considering reading ‘Up Pompey’ then, having read a chunk of this on the journey home, I would recommend it as I found this more than entertaining enough.

So, with Leicester away next up, and not having the funds to do this one, with the international break to follow the next home game would be almost a month away but the game at Reading, on April 2nd, would be one that I would be at – even that seemed a long way off at this point though.

First and foremost though we had to deal with Eriksson’s Foxes at the weekend, bring ’em on…


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