Date: 29th July 2013 at 10:51am
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Vital Pompey Towers is looking for its fellowship to share some views with us ahead of the new season. Et tu Pompeii is next to step up.

With the new season almost here it would be nice to get a few last minute answers to a few questions.

Next up is Et tu Pompeii

1 – Are you looking forward to the season? (Expand on more than just ‘yes or no’ please!)
I’m always excited about a new season; even in the dark days, a new season was an opportunity to change everything that has been bad and build on everything that has been good. This season should be brilliant in that we have a club with players being paid the correct, ‘going rate’ for their services. This makes a huge difference to us fans watching – we all surely hate overpaid players. We have a management and staff who love the club and want what’s best for it – yes, I know about ‘self interest’ but that’s what you get with Capitalism.

2 – What are your hopes/expectations for it?
I don’t want to ‘walk’ this league; that would create all kinds of demanding expectations which would be hard to control and difficult to meet. I want it to be tough but I would be lying if I said I hoped for anything less than promotion. I will, however, absolutely cope with being in League Two next year as long as we have shown character.

3 – Which summer signing are you most excited about?
Connolly should be really up for it and if Angryman carries on where he left off he could write himself into Pompey history. Our young defence could be a revelation. Our wingers could be really exciting and I would love to see Bird score for fun.

4 – Players we have lost we have lost for a reason but which one, if any; that has gone do you feel we will most miss?
I liked Therry Racon and thought he could have improved by staying with us, but, it seems he rates himself too highly so not bothered about him or any others, really.

5 – Your tip for the player of the season?
I would put money on it being Simon Ferry – just got a feeling.

6 – Do you plan many, if any, Fratton visits this season?
Season ticket holder so yes, all of them. And Midlands/Northern away games, too, as my sons are now in Derby.

7 – Which club, if any, are you most looking forward to coming to Fratton?
All of them although I’d like us to give Fleetwood a stuffing.

8 – An away day? Is there a club you are most looking forward to us going to?
Burton Albion is an away game I’m looking forward to, for some reason.

Thanks to Et tu Pompeii, hopefully others will follow suit and fire the answers through to us at VP Towers via email to the address below.

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  • cheers Et tu, always enjoy reading your thoughts and you do not seem to hold back.
    i had forgotten about racon, i too liked him and thought he added plenty to our midfield but he valued himself too hihgly didnt he – has he ended up anywhere does anyone know?

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