Date: 24th February 2008 at 12:20pm
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Rug, it was good to see you yesterday & some of the others. After a pretty dour 1st half I was pleased with 2nd half & Kanu changed the game. Grateful for the penalty & the 3pts.

Anyway, an interesting story breaking, which concerns the age of our ex-player Yakubu & has some reflection on Kanu.

The Nigerian FA have written in complaint to the FA at comments made by Everton manager David Moyes towards Yakubu, and other Nigerian’s in general regarding their ages, and maybe what they might really be?

“He’s only 25, albeit a Nigerian 25, and so if that is his age he’s still got a good few years ahead of him,” Moyes told the Guardian newspaper.

Yakubu is not the only one who has had his age questioned over the years, as many other Nigerians including our own Kanu have too.

NFA spokesman Ademola Olajire countered Moyes’ comments on the BBC

“His statement is insulting to the Nigerian nation and unbecoming of a Premier League manager”

“We don’t take kindly to snide remarks about our players, or our nation and we have sent a strongly-worded complaint to the English FA.

“Seriously, we will go at any length to ensure he is brought to book to explain his comments.”

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33 Replies to “The Questioning of the Nigerian Age”

  • kanu, as you rightly say matt he did change the game yesterday and for my money put in his best performance for a long time, arguably since his showing against blackburn in his 1st ever game for us… he showed just why i think he is best used from the bench.

    on to the real matter in question – the nigeria age issue – its funny as Chix and i were again having this very conversation about kanu and his ‘age’ before the game… tbh im still finding it hard to believe that he is ‘just’ 31 or 32?

  • Yakubu under David Moyes, looks five years younger than when he joined Everton!!! He has lost weight and looks 100% fitter.

  • there is something fishy going on…although its not exactly the place of someone in such a high profile position to suggest something like that, its probably more just a sence of humour failure from nigeria…

  • Maybe it’s like cats & dogs. 1 year in our terms is 9 months in Nigeria. Kanu really 38 but is actually only 32. LOL

  • plenty have suggested it before carps, and probably some more high profile thans moyes… you know what matt it wouldnt surprise me if kanu really was that old 🙂

  • the way i see it, people that tend to be from nigeria and the surrounding countries just develop earlier and quicker, therefore wouldnt be able to perform to the same standards as a standard european of the same age. and moyes’ exact words arent suggesting thats yakubu is older, just referring to the fact that he is ageing earlier because he is nigerian…perhaps. im not sure that made sense, but i dont think moyes meant to be rude, he was just suggesting that perhaps yakubu will age earlier, so thertefore wont be playing football at the highest level for as long.

  • perhaps – what I do know is 10 years back i started my own credit card business and even then there were Nigerians trying to obtain credit cards by deception from Nigeria…

  • jbaker – i dont know whether tats what myes was getting at, but i thin that that is what the nigerians thouht he was, and found it offensive that people from nigeria should ageat a different rteto europeans…

  • ah okay, thats just my opinion of the situation, i thought they took offense to the fact that he may have accused them of lying about their ages. but im probably wrong, i havent read too much into moyes comments, i apologise

  • Age is irrelevant. It is how the player plays that counts. Bear in mind that all African towns and villages do not have computers, Town centres, officials etc to record a birth. It often relies on someones memory years after the event. Add to that that the parents may have died early which is a much more frequent happening than in the UK. It is then up to the child or a distant relative to say how old the child is and then that is recorded. Also the records in these countries frequently get lost or destroyed.My wife is Indonesian and when we went to get her birth certificate from the government it couldn’t be found. She was asked how old she is and then that was recorded. She could have said anything. For all they knew she could have been Thai not Indonesian as they had no record of her but her word was accepted. So these things happen in many countries and it is not usually the players fault.

  • i really didnt think of that, that is an amazing point frattonaussie, and that throws a whole new view onto the area, and sort of helps moyes. good job

  • If Yak was 20 when he joined Pompey and Kanu is now 32 then I am most definately without a shadow of a doubt a year older than I was twelve months ago and at least 6 years younger than my older brother is today.. … I think {~:)

  • Age, it is easy to forget that Stanley Matthews was still playing league football at 48 years of age when he last appeared at Fratton Park.

  • yep but that was his ‘official age’ for all we know kanu would not be too far off that, ok maybe 10 years… players play to an older age but you wouldnt get another case like stanley matthews playing until he was 48 – he wouldnt be able to do it these days…

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