Date: 19th September 2011 at 10:02am
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For far too long now the fact that Sacha Gaydamak has had a ‘strangle hold’ on PFC – due to his land ownership of the ground around Fratton Park – has hindered the possibility of any ‘progress’ being made in areas that are needed.

All the time he owns this it prevents the club from using this in ways to benefit PFC, which you would hope would be the case, and of course prevents the potential ground renovation of Fratton.

Now though, as he told The News today, on of our owners Vladimir Antonov is ‘confident’ that they will be able to strike a deal with Gaydamak to reclaim this land: ‘our legal department of the group is working with the situation on how to get this land back to the club again.

‘We do believe we will be successful to get this land back to the club.

‘We even have a business plan about what we will do with this land in the future.’

Even so ‘if’ they are successful in getting this land back then ‘a new ground’ is not the highest of priorities, and rightly so to be honest.

What is of the highest importance is to continue working towards getting the ‘football part’ of the club right, the infrastructure if you will: ‘we started our, let’s say, investigation works about that, but it’s too far to say we will have it next year or the year after.

‘Before we need to concentrate on the academy, on the kids, to improve let’s say the football part of the football club.

‘Then let’s say to improve the commercial side.

‘But of course in the long term vision we need to have a new stadium, but it’s too early to say when.’

Yep, I know it is ‘only words’ at the moment but they are encouraging words once more.

To be fair the majority of what has been said, with little promises made etc., has been followed up with some actions, perhaps not always as many as some would like, but CSI have made some decent inroads into turning things round at the club.

Getting the structure right is essential for our future, getting the land that is rightfully PFC’s back also has the potential to make so much difference – in a positive way – to a bright and sustainable future.

Another key fight for our future is underway, if CSI can win this battle then it is another big step in the right direction to what can, and hopefully will be, that bright future for Pompey…


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