Date: 11th June 2011 at 12:50pm
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Once you have ‘Chewed The Fat’ all that remains is gristle. Read on to find out the one topic that didn`t get the air time it deserved and is therefore this weeks ‘gristle’

Welcome to a new weekly article which I’ve labelled ‘The Gristle’

Unlike its’ parent article ‘Chew The Fat’ – A weekly on-line debate where you guys fire questions at me and seek my opinion on all matters Pompey – ‘The Gristle’ turns the tables and asks for your opinion on one topic of debate that was raised but not discussed in any great depth, and in my opinion, deserves more air-time.

My maiden selection flew off the page at me on Thursday and although I tried to seek opinion during the evening, the debate was firmly entrenched elsewhere.

So now it’s your opportunity to let me know what you think about this weeks unaired subject.

The ‘Official’ Portsmouth FC website.

Yep, I want to know about our club website, what you like about it, what you dislike about it, whether you find the articles of interest, honest, relevant ?

Perhaps you feel there is too much advertising on it, or maybe you think it should provide more in-depth features on our squad members, or perhaps it should carry a monthly message from our manager or captain etc.

How does it compare to other club websites you’ve visited? Is the content better? Is the format or style worse? How easy is it to navigate? Perhaps you’d like to offer a suggestion on what could improve it ?

Good or bad I want to know what you think.

Once you have had your say I will collate the info and pass it on to the club for comment. You never know, they might even take some of your ideas on board!

So here’s your chance to have your say… The question?

“What do you think of ?”

Post your thoughts below


‘The Gristle’ is a spin-off from ‘Chew The Fat’ – A weekly live debate about the weeks issues and all things Portsmouth FC – Thursday’s at 7:30 only on Vital Pompey – Why not make a note to join in.


15 Replies to “The Gristle – The ‘Official’ Portsmouth FC Website”

  • In the forum.. Coxy30 said..

    “It’s ok. Like you said it all advertising. When the players are interviewed it’s good but then it just gets copied in the news. Be nice if there was stuff on there that wasn’t anywhere else”

  • Pompeym@ thinks..

    well the articles for the most part are pretty pointless in my opinion, and even then are not exactly well written

    but the worse thing is apart from advertising the club i really don’t see the official sites purpose anymore. Pretty much all official news is on either the fan sites or in the new’s before its on the OS and all the other information on the OS is else where and better presented

    they could also do a lot more with the pompey player, surely it wouldn’t cost much to pay a camera man or 2 to film every match and stream it on the site for a price? i’d bet they’d make a killing from the away matches!

    i’m sure theres some plus points on it but i don’t use it anymore so i can’t think of 1

  • Pretty damming so far and I actually thought that views would be quite balanced.. anybody got anything positive to say .. or do you agree with Pompeym@ & Coxy.. or have another point of view perhaps ?

  • With the age of the internet as it is today, pretty much relying on fansites to deliver the news as it breaks I think the OS has become a ground overlooked for information. This time 2 years ago we had to wait over 2 months for the OS to confirm the signing of Mokoena, which has ‘broken’ on every sports network and fansite long beforehand. Whether they are struggling for funds to keep the OS the main source of breaking news, or it’s down to sheer lack of sharpness or laziness is unclear, but for those who seek the news from a first hand source, I think the OS has to step up its game.

  • Unfortunately, nothing that actually appears on the website is really NEWS as most of it has actually been aired already elsewhere, we only use it as a confirmation of what we’ve heard as the “official” version (and not necessarily the Truth!). Useful for fixtures updates, but it seems to be always playing catchup! and yes agree with the others – advert city! At least their web-hosting costs should be kept low as we won’t need many player profile slots !!! 🙂

  • I dont even bother to waste my time with it, haven’t done for a couple of years…waste of space!

  • Jimsmithswig (such a great name) … I think somebody else made a similar comment in the forum… at least we have something positive to feedback to them..

  • On the whole not that positive is it .. any more thoughts suggestions.. or perhaps a few things you’d like to see on there ???? .. All comments welcome

  • It’s too ‘cold’ – it doesn’t seem to have a ‘beating heart’. I only go there now to see official confirmation of player movements – (as said above) after the news has broken elsewhere.

  • hi chixy, i have some thoughts on my own to make so will be doing these in the forum thread shortly…

  • They seem to be better than they were with keeping up-to-date and, yes, the adverts do make it relatively unpleasant to use. I mainly use it when directed to it from newsnow or for ticketing.

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