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Once you have ‘Chewed The Fat’ all that remains is gristle. Read on to find out the one topic that didn`t get the air time it deserved and is therefore this weeks ‘gristle’

Welcome to another issue of the new weekly article entitled ‘The Gristle’

Unlike its’ parent article ‘Chew The Fat’ – A weekly on-line debate where you fire questions at me – ‘The Gristle’ turns the tables and asks for your opinion on one topic that was raised during Thursday’s debate but not discussed in any great depth, and in my opinion, deserves more air-time.

This week’s selection focuses on ‘priorities’

There has been a lot of discussion in the past couple of weeks concerning how and when our new owners should communicate and even more about how much time and money it could take to rebuild the club, but the question I want you to consider this week is..

(Apart from playing staff ) ‘What should be our owners No.1 priority’

Yep, I want to hear your opinion on what should be top of the agenda in The Boardroom.

Perhaps you feel a new training ground is important, not only to train on but also to lure players to the club – Or should we stay where we are until we are on a better financial footing?

Maybe you think improvements are needed to Fratton Park (no matter how large or small) – Or maybe you think a new stadium is essential and there is no point spending time and money on our famous old ground.

Do you think the reintroduction of a structured reserve and youth set-up is essential for developing our playing staff over the next few years and into the future.

Maybe you believe the priorities lay elsewhere .. An assistant to Steve Cotterill perhaps .. or repairing the Fratton End Clock! .. Maybe even reintroducing the video screen on match days.

Whatever you thoughts I want to know what you think.

Once you have had your say I will collate the info and pass it on to the club for comment. You never know, they might even take some of your ideas on board!

So here’s your chance to have your say

The question once again…

“What should be our owners No.1 priority?”

Post your thoughts below


‘The Gristle’ is a spin-off from ‘Chew The Fat’ – A weekly live debate about the weeks issues and all things Portsmouth FC – Thursday’s at 7:30 only on Vital Pompey – Why not put a note in your diary to join in.


10 Replies to “The Gristle – ‘No. 1 Priority’”

  • For me, it has to be the training facilities and development of a good academy that produces a steady stream of players over the coming years. The investment here would hopefully reap long term benefits, and if successful produce good local players capable of playing at the highest level, saving money in the long term on bringing players in, although we would still have to buy some. Of course, the other benefit of this is that we produce players who may move on, generating other income for the club through transfer fees.

  • as said in the forum: of course, like you say chixy, sorting out the squad is a key thing ? without this we have nothing but that aside getting the whole structure/infrastructure of PFC sorted out is a must, surely?

    it would ‘seem’ like certain areas of this have tried to be addressed over the years but has this been done going about it in the right way… throwing money at something does not always work, as we have clearly seen ? then again how much money actually was being thrown at it, and not being thrown at it in order for someone(s) else to gain!
    we have to become a club that can be pretty much self sufficient, for this we need to be run as a club that people want to be a part of and feel they will have a long-term future at so this starts from the basics of a training ground. we must get this area sorted out and have facilities that are fitting of the modern era of football and then have a development program that will enable us to attract local young talent and bring them on, giving them a chance and not just being a pointless exercise. bringing back a reserve set-up, so progression can be made from academy ? 1st team, via the ressies, is something we need (i will cover this area more with an article I have written at another time.
    forget the ‘new stadium’, or pretty much ‘redevelopment’ of fratton as it is for now, this is in no way a priority and all the time we struggle to even fill a 20,000 capacity stadium is, for me, a fruitless exercise. we need to be regularly selling out fratton for any opponent for a sustained period of time before this is even considered and if/when it is a sensible pricing structure without a doubt needed to attract and retain punters. people have said that the below par facilities at fratton will prevent them from coming back until they are sorted, whilst far from idea in many ways and areas are they really that bad and are they worth staying away from because of this?

    some structure in place, with a sensible business plan that will ensure PFC has a long-term sustainable future is a must and if CSI can offer us that i will be more than happy whatever the future brings, altho lets face it we cannot afford another relegation so the immediate footballing priority is to remain in the nopower, at least…

  • Although it’s not considered a priority, I think communicating with the fans should be their main concern. The last board made a lot of enemies after keeping the fans in the dark throughout their tenure in charge, and even if the future doesn’t look too comfortable, fans would rather hear the bad news than find out when it happens over the course of a few months.

  • Number one priority surely must be to make sure that we get enough decent players in to have a squad capable of doing more than just ‘getting by’ for the first half of the season.

  • completely agree with Alty the training facilities and academy are imo by a mile the most important thing to get right, once thats in place then you can actually start building towards being self sufficient through selling players etc and lets face it the actual structure wouldn’t even cost that much to build, so i don’t see why it can’t be started ASAP!

  • .. but what about the Fratton End clock.. ??.. keep your thoughts coming people some really go responses so far ..

  • Just stick some new batteries in it Chix and it’ll be fine, and none of the cheap Hayling Island 20 for a quid batteries, I’m talking Energiser Silver or better.

  • Have to agree with most of the other guys, if we want the club to start standing on its own two feet then the academy and youth system are the way to go, thats where the first investment bar new players should be!

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