Date: 18th June 2011 at 10:58am
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An article from Pompey Malta about a former French international who he things is someone we should go all out to sign.

Having a squad of less than 10 players is a dreadful situation. On Friday, talk of Aaron Mokoena quitting, despite the fact that this might have raised a few questions about any truth in this, gives everyone involved with Pompey a headache.

At this point in time, just a few weeks prior to pre-season, Steve Cotterill needs numbers. Yet unknown the transfer kitty that Cotterill has to work with this transfer market regardless of the latest CSI take-over, whatever this may be, Portsmouth Football Club would probably be home for many unwanted players; I mean players who are loaned out by their parent-clubs.

However, there is also the other option; that of free-agents. This week, Steve Cotterill, talking to The News confirmed that we have captured the first free-agent; David Norris. The manager, who is celebrating his first Pompey birthday this week, would have to turn on many players alike.

But the question is; are there any quality free-agents? This brings me to the subject. Earlier this month, Patrick Vieira has become a free-agent. Albeit definitely being a much sought after defensive midfielder, this is the one player we need, only if we could convince him to go to a lower league and reach an agreement in wages paid as he looks to remain in England: “I still want to play and if I have an exciting proposition here (France) or somewhere else in England, I would probably play on” said the 35-year old-to-be ex-Arsenal and ex-Manchester City (among many other great clubs). The stumbling block would surely be his wages, not that he needs any money, and the league we compete in.

But if Pompey could offer him a player-coach role, this could lure him to the South. It is believed Manchester City’s Mancini have offered him a coaching role, but the Senegalese-born believes he still has some other months to give on the football pitch: “If I have nothing exciting, I will stop. There is a chance I could stop, but at the moment my mind isn’t telling me that I will be stopping in a couple of months.”

Portsmouth is crying for a player who could bring back a smile back on our face. Patrick Vieira, although he may not be wanted in the highest level, would be the transfer of the decade if Cotterill and Lampitt with CSI’s funds had to somehow, make this happen. Vieira, a true-leader by nature (he was captain of Arsenal for almost 4 seasons) or anyone of his calibre is the missing man we have at Portsmouth.

If CSI wants the club to move forward, and David Lampitt truly wants a way forward, he should work around the clock and try to bring a player we could build our team around for another year in the Championship, if we are to offer any challenge for the play-offs. Perhaps we could use any of the transfer kitty in his wages and look out for other free-agents on the cheap and loan some others. A 2 year contract could suit him well.

Having such a legendary player at Portsmouth, along side with the much respected and ex-team-mate Nwankwu Kanu, would be a fresh new page for Pompey. So let Pompey offer the “excitement” Vieira is after and start resurrecting the club!

Written by Pompey Malta.

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14 Replies to “The Free-Agent Pompey Needs”

  • Like I said in the Forum’s, I can see the draw of bringing in such a big name, and it would certainly help attract more talent, but I don’t think for the money we would need to pay for him it would be a wise investment, in fact it may cost us more in the players we would bring in following to keep him satisfied. A step backwards into a financial crisis that we have just escaped from.

  • While it would be nice, I can see his gargantuan wage demands being a Watford Gap sized stumbling block..

  • Surely there is a point when a multi-millionaire footballer isn’t influenced by money anymore and the sheer challenge of a situation would be enough to tempt him?

  • While it would be nice, from what I have heard up here Manchester City are set to offer him a coaching role now his contract has ended.

  • Alty Blue, that is what I think we should do; offer him both coaching and football. I am sure he will not be after money, but a new challenge could give new opportunities ahead of him now he is near his end.

  • Frippy, if we had to offer him the best we could, let us say 35 or 40 weekly for a one year contract, that would make up to almost £2m. Having such a player would help us bring young players who are ready to follow a football-hero. Last season we almost spent £1m or just over it to have Sonko and Dickinson. This is my point, let us try to use our money wisely, in someone who could give us something back + put us back on the football map.

  • Surley we are looking for a squad it would be beeter to bring in 2or3 medioca younger players on £5k a week than one old man on a lot more . take Kanu by example a great player in his day . but his age really showed last season . who knows how he will fair this season & on a reported £10k a week sorry cant see the value in it .

  • Kanu has been dead for a long time… Viera helped Man City reach a top four finish! Can’t see Kanu breaking into Man City’s team… That’s the difference. And whatdowe do with mediocre players?? get relegated just not to spend any money. We have new owners for God’s sake, and they have an ambition, the said!

  • PV was a great player but isn’t for Pompey … Although we have attracted Merson, Berger, Festa, Sherringham, Kanu etc.. in the past .. the past is past .. oh a word of caution too … Edgar Davids @ Crystal Palace … It doesn’t always work out does it ..

  • True Chix… Davids wasn’t playing any football though. Viera is still kicking. Anyways, can’t see him coming here 🙂 …

  • topic also covered in a forum thread started by Farnham blue, so good debate also going on in that thread. click ? here

  • at this point in time, within reason – and so long as it DOES NOT cripple us in a financial capacity again – i would take just about anyone. that said vieira is not ‘anyone’ is he, he is a someone albeit a someone at the end of his footballing career that has by far seen his best days. that said he still had a few last season with citeh…

    marquee signings are something we need to be careful of, and if one become 2, then 3 and 4 etc. you, well i, would worry about the road we are going down. problem is i cannot see how cotts can act as a drawer for these types of players to do us a ‘favour’. redknapp, for all his faults, had this (granted the money splashed around helped) and milan managed to bring in one of the greatest ever, prosinecki, but how would cotts pull this off? could only see kanu being a helpful influence but could only see him influencing africans.

    would not say no, on the right deal, but just will not happen will it…

  • WOW! great to see many think this is what we really need, but mixed opinions he??? Many others are not interested… Money, money, money is the main issue, but he needs no money. Someone said that Cotts cannot bring such players… but Kanu can have a huge influence. Let us use King for this one!

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