Date: 6th February 2011 at 5:48pm
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Well the dust has settled on another dreary Fratton park performance, I’m now faced with the daunting task of providing the positives on the game, well…… we scored I suppose.

If this was a highlights package, you could skip the first 85 minutes as a Pompey fan, the game was that flat and dreary, Pompey as a team have lost the ability to pass to each other, I’m not a league manager, but surely this quite important for success?

Pompey entered the game with the same starting 11 who had lost at QPR, that game had plenty of optimism attached to it, ok we lost, but we battled well and looked a threat, the Derby game was a little different.

For the first half I cannot think of a single highlight, Pompey probably dominated possesion, but as for shots on goal I think Derby’s scoring effort was the only one on target, Pompey again left a massive gap in the centre for Steve Davies to slot home into the far pocket (spot the great gag?), the goal was completely out of the blue as neither team had inspired, Derby was as bad as Pompey if truth be told.

Second half and it just had to be better didn’t it? Well, a tiny bit, the wind was obviously not helping, this should of been the time to keep the ball on the grass, but with two teams well out of form, this wasn’t the case as it was constantly lumped forward in hope rather inspiration. Liam Lawrence and Hogg were Pompey’s best players on the day, but both struggled to find a killer pass. Nugent had a great chance to level, Kitson finally won a header and he swivelled and volleyed over, the crowd gave a collective sigh. Kanu came on for Ward and of course played a part in the equaliser, another lump forward saw him cushion it of sorts back to Nugent, the scouser took won touch and smashed home, the goal was reminiscent of Pedro Mendes in 2006, and may just be as important. The goal sprang Pompey to life, there were 5 minutes of time added on as Derby had been trying to waste it from kick-off, Kitson almost won the game in this period, a cross found his ginger head and Bywater made a flying save to keep the stalemate.

So the end of another turgid Fratton encounter, the crowd of just over 14 and a half thousand showed how the locals felt, I reckon no more than 12 thousand remained to see the equaliser go in.
The Protest
Bit pointless in the end, Express FM tried to cover the non-event, even ‘the Championship’ on saturday evening struggled to make the crowd look any better than 4 deep!

Centre backs
Pompey are really struggling to find a pairing, Mokoena was missing for the goal, as for Halford he really looks uncomfortable in the middle, his passing has gone wayward and he looks likely to make a mistake, maybe time for Rocha to return? He is probably the best reader of the game at the club.


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  • To be honest I find it pretty odd that we have Rocha and don’t use him. Cotterill has been changing that back line too many times, and if this will keep on happenning, as things look like, the defence will never get settled! we just need to give Moko and Rocha another chance, with Halford and Hreidarsson on either side for inspiration.

  • At the end of half time when Rocha was going off after warm up he spent a few mins telling Joel ward what he shd be doing. I say get Rocha on that pitch – he usually looks like he knows what he’s doing.

  • Far more spritely report than the actual game. RJ Rocha does not get on with Coterille at all so is likely to be a last resort; likely to happen too late. It’s just wrong that Mok is captain, he is not up to it, and doesn’t appear to have the respect or camaraderie of the other players. Cot seems to have list he ability to motivate the players and I get the sense that they do not believe in him and I think it is linked to his dreadfull media mouth- and the supposed vindictive attitude in the dressing room. I suspect he is struggling to deal with the emotional side of things- can’t blame him for that; aren’t we all. There is still time to turn it around but I think we are going to have to do a Hart; ie heavily rely on the other tens coqing it right up. Still it ain’t boring is it. The delluded protestors were made even more pathetic by the coverage; looked like a family do round my gaff; inclusive of fat, big mouthed bald bloke 🙂

  • If they had played the whole game with the passion they showed in the last 15 minutes, we would have won – and that is a shame.

  • Some of Coterills quotes in the media about players were nothing short of appalling. If I was working for him I’d be very tempted to knock his teeth down his throat. He’s never going to generate team spirit and camaraderie by slagging off his players, jeez… has he got a brain???

  • I really think that these players are lacking in confidence and self belief, that’s why the game picked up so much after Nuge scored, sadly a bit late. Did anyone else think we should have had 2 penalties tho – one for handball in the first half and one for bundling Kitson? over in the second? Or is it just me? I don’t know all the reasons for this lack of confidence, how much of it is the manager, how much of it is because they keep losing, or how much this is a vicious circle. Whilst I’m tempted to say bring back Avram, SC is the only manager we’ve got and can afford, and we have to get behind him and support him.

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