Date: 1st June 2012 at 1:18pm
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Vital Pompey membership participation time! Questions are being asked so lets have some answers – first up is UKTony.

Always looking for membership participation Vital Pompey is looking to conduct a number of Vital Pompey summer interviews with ‘The dirty dozen’ series, so all you have to do is email your answers ( to these questions and I will then publish them.

First up is UKTony, so without any further a do here are the answers given…

The East Hampshire vote is.
1) Maybe its viewed as an ‘odd question’ but did you enjoy the 2011/12 season?

2) What was your ‘highlight’ of the season?
“That Goal” at St Mary’s.

3) And your ‘lowest point’ of 2011/12?
Failing to score v Bristol C at FP. Wouldn’t have made any difference in the end, but I was angry immediately afterwards.

4) Who was your player of the season, and why?
Ricardo Rocha – consistency and passion in equal measures (unless the passion got the better of him.)

5) What about the player you think contributed the least and should not have been with us?

6) How do you feel about playing in the third tier of English football?
Fine by me – looking forward to outnumbering the home fans on more than one occasion.

7) Will you be getting a season ticket for the 2012/13 season or just ‘picking and choosing’ your games?
Will renew my season ticket – might even buy Gill one if the price is right.

8) What team are you most looking forward to facing next season?
Crewe – play football the right way. Hartlepool away, ‘cos I’ve never been.

9) And the team you are least relishing?
Sheff U – spiteful.

10) It is tough to know who will, and will not, be with Pompey in the 2012/13 season but at the moment who is your early tip for the player of the year?
Ashley Harris/Greg Halford.

11) Which youngster do you think will make the biggest impression during the upcoming season?
Ashley Harris.

12) At the time of asking this it is still early doors but what are your hopes/expectation for the 2012/13 season?
Stability and consolidation.

Thanks again to UKTony.

So, what you waiting for!

Get your answers to me right away ( and I will get them published one by one…


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  • ‘stability and consolidation’, how long have we been hoping for that eh tony – but PLEASE lets finally see this…
    if halford is still here, which i doubt, you could well be right.

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