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Vital Pompey membership participation time! Questions are being asked so lets have some answers – next up is pompeyrug.

Always looking for membership participation Vital Pompey is looking to conduct a number of Vital Pompey summer interviews with ‘The dirty dozen’ series, so all you have to do is email your answers ( to these questions and I will then publish them.

Next up is pompeyrug, so without any further a do here are the answers given…

1) Maybe its viewed as an ‘odd question’ but did you enjoy the 2011/12 season?
‘Enjoy’ was perhaps the wrong choice for this question, as with the last few years all the off-the-field b******s again overshadowed so much of it, and that I did not enjoy yet again although you become accustomed to it and almost expect it now!

Getting relegated is never something you want for your club although I have to say that at times I got more enjoyment for large chunks of last season from what I did see on the pitch, under Appy especially, than I had for some time really.

2) What was your ‘highlight’ of the season?
Some still question him but I still believe that Appy is the best thing to happen to this club in years so that was a real positive but I have to say ‘that goal’ from Chuck against Scum.

To go 2-1 down in the last minute you have to think ‘that is that’ but as I was literally right behind the goal from the minute it ballooned up into the air I thought ‘hello’ and without a doubt, given the view I had, I knew it was in before it hit the net and I was off before the ripple was needed, get in!

3) And your ‘lowest point’ of 2011/12?
Entering admin yet again was such a sickener but going back to the previous question a little to see, I feel, the best thing to happen to this club – in Appy arriving – at such a bad time has often made me feel low.

I just hope he can be given a half decent crack at proving just how good he can be this time round…

4) Who was your player of the season, and why?
I am a huge Rocha John Rocha fan and thought he was outstanding, feared he would get sent off at Scum as he was pretty wound up for a while! I never wanted Jason Pearce to leave the first time, so to have him back – albeit just for one season – was great and he was fantastic.

So, maybe biased as a former defender myself, I would say the defensive pairing shared it.

5) What about the player you think contributed the least and should not have been with us?
I would like to say TBH as he is a mercenary, who has proven as much, but to be fair – more often than not – he played pretty well. Benjani, as much as I love the guy, offered little but did we expect any less! I am no Dave Kitson fan but at least he put in some, albeit it minimal effort, at times. Luke Varney really disappointed me upon his return from injury, especially after an ‘apparent’ move to Forest was denied him.

Although, as much as I am sorry to say it, I would have to go Kanu. Another one that I love but for me he continues to do his legacy with this club little good by insisting on hanging around and offering nothing in return…

6) How do you feel about playing in the third tier of English football?
Obviously, like I said, you never want your club to be relegated but playing in league one does not worry me at all – in fact I am looking forward to new grounds and ‘proper football’. Championship was good but even that, to a degree, is becoming detached from the real world, although nowhere near that of the premier league!

7) Will you be getting a season ticket for the 2012/13 season or just ‘picking and choosing’ your games?
Having previously given up a season ticket when I got mine back a few years back I said ‘I will never give it up again’… obviously if/when a family comes along I might have to rethink this, it is different if you live in Pompey, or near it, but living in Devon makes it tougher to ‘swan off’ every other weekend for a couple of days leaving a wife and child at home right!

2012/13 is a season I am sure I will renew as I could not face not doing this, although a Balram Chainrai return leaves me very much torn – but I am not getting into that debate again, lets just say it is almost 100% certain I will renew, even if I feel I should not…

8) What team are you most looking forward to facing next season?
I do not like the way the club came about, and can only imagine what it must have felt like for fans of the ‘original’ Wimbledon to see the split, but I have to say MK Dons.

This is purely down to family reasons, my sister lives in Milton Keynes and I rarely see her these days so I would hope to tie in a visit to see her with a trip to stadium:mk.

9) And the team you are least relishing?
To be honest I think I will look forward to them all and would like to do as many, of the ones that I have not before, as possible.

10) It is tough to know who will, and will not, be with Pompey in the 2012/13 season but at the moment who is your early tip for the player of the year?
Not knowing makes it tough but I will go for Ashley Harris.

11) Which youngster do you think will make the biggest impression during the upcoming season?
You could argue that given the fact I went for Ashley Harris above I should say him but I have a feeling that Adam Webster could have a decent season.

12) At the time of asking this it is still early doors but what are your hopes/expectation for the 2012/13 season?
We need to consolidate, some may view it as ‘negative’ but survival in league one would do me for starters. ‘If’ Appy can be given a fair chance to assemble his free agents that he wants, bring in some useful loans then a play-off push may not beyond us.

Thanks again to, myself, pompeyrug.

So, what you waiting for!

Get your answers to me right away ( and I will get them published one by one…

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