Date: 23rd July 2009 at 2:31pm
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Pompey needs a new captain, but who could we turn to? russellm explores the options but comes up dry – this does tie in ‘nicely’ with the current poll though.

With my old favourite Sol Campbell finally leaving, well we would assume so anyway as we’ve had nothing else to suggest otherwise, it’s time to start looking at who could be the next captain for Portsmouth.

Who are the candidates?

Distin; not altogether reliable and tends to gloss over his own mistakes in the press but can be brilliant and now a senior.

Basinas – only joking, you’ve got to play to be captain!

Diop would you argue with him?

Niko; flashes of brilliance, respected but inconsistent.

Maybe some superstar unknown about to be signed?

James, brilliance but subject to confidence issues.

Mullins, because the boss loves him!

To be honest I’m stuck for a real outstanding option. I can’t think of one, that’s why I put superstar/wonder kid not yet known; maybe Kaboul, god knows.

Written by russellm.

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13 Replies to “The Captain Quandary?”

  • It’ll be Distin, If Hart really does want him to stay. But I really wouldn’t be surprised – or happy – if the silly beggar went and gave it to Muggins!

  • linvoy, just a feeling
    i think it will be hard to go past niko. especially if we want him to stay

  • Why not Basinas. Been there & done it. Never really given the chance to show his quality last season. Distin will probably leave especially if either Liverpool or Villa really want him.

  • well according to media reports i reckon David Villa would make a good captain lol !!!!!!

  • David James for sure. But hey, if Maradona is coming here with ‘top players’, maybe we could have Buffon as captain… (really need a teeth smilie right now).

  • The reason I don’t suppose it will be Basinas is because he is positive minded. thought maybe jobsite could help !

  • James would seem a good candidate in terms of experience, but I’m not sure its a great idea to have a keeper as captain, and worried it would affect his concentration. What about Herman?

  • would go HERMINATOR all day long..

    hes a leader in the dressing room and has the qualities of a captain and everyone will listen to him..

    and he will where the captains armband with pride.

    unlike distin ..

    and for vice captain i will go for gary oniel..
    thoughts anyone?

  • ALSO though i would like to see sol stay another year on 40k a week would be great coz he would save us from relagation scrap.
    having him and distin together still and kaboul rightback herminator left back also dont forget james as keeper.

    i will be confident for the season if we have that as our back 5.

  • Hermann’s got the right attitude, if Distin stays you can imagine some of his clangers, both verbally and on the field, if we start playing poorly.

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