Date: 23rd October 2008 at 7:22am
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…it might have sounded ludicrous back along, and as unlikely as it is to happen now the thought of David Beckham playing for Pompey is not as far fetched as it might have once sounded – or might even still sound now to be honest!

Was it in jest, or did Harry Redknapp mean it?

Well he certainly told a press conference yesterday that he would be in for the former England captain if his supposedly imminent January loan move to Milan did not come off: ‘if he doesn’t go to Milan maybe I’ll try to sign him myself. He would be a great loan for anybody.

‘I haven’t made an enquiry but it has crossed my mind. Maybe I’ll try if it doesn’t happen with Milan.

‘David is still a great player, and you can’t tell me he wouldn’t be a great benefit to our Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe with his crossing.

‘I’m sure he is going to break Bobby Moore’s record for the number of outfield England caps now (108). I don’t think he’ll beat Peter Shilton’s record (125).

‘Would he come to Portsmouth? Why not? His missus might prefer shopping in Portsmouth to shopping in Milan.

‘The fact is he is still a top player and wants to play, and I’m sure we wouldn’t be the only ones interested if he didn’t go to Milan. They would be queuing up.’

David James was also in attendance at this press conference but he claims to know nothing about the next move that the LA Galaxy man will make – one thing that seems certain is Beckham will be making a loan move somewhere so he can keep playing competitively when the MLS season ends as to stay in contention for a place in the England set up to keep alive his 2010 world cup dream. So it might seem unlikely, but you never know it could be Fratton!

It is a move that could happen, we have 4 current England internationals in our side with Sol Campbell pushing for a recall, so we are always being watched by people in the England set up, we are a decent side that would have as good a chance as any other English one as the ‘top 4’ would not be in for him would they…

There is of course the ‘small matter’ of paying him; this is something that he would sadly require! Commercially we would make millions off him, but he would not come cheap… As my cousin also pointed out as well though, it would become a media circus and would we really want that disturbing things with Pompey and possibly disrupting things on the pitch? And maybe not for the better…

I think the fella is someway past his prime, but come on if there really was a possibility of David Beckham playing for Pompey this is something that I would take in all honesty. He has been a national icon for years, is a role model and despite his millions still has that passion for the game – and his country – that others seem to lack… its not gonna happen though is it, lets be serious and lets be honest. Casting aside all others reason why it would not, the Italian game is also probably better suited to him, its slower so he would have more time on the ball – plus that would also potentially reduce the risk of injury and that would appeal to him and his parent club in America…


Aside from the David Beckham talk – see, already a media circus, as we do have a uefa cup game to play Harry Redknapp did also talk about Braga at that press conference.

He spoke about their technical ability and his desire for us to carry on advancing in the uefa cup, despite the amount of games it will mean playing: ‘we know they are going to be tough opposition because of the technical quality in the side.

‘I’ve never seen them play but all reports indicate they are a difficult side and we will need to be in good form.

‘These UEFA Cup matches are giving us a heavy schedule and I don’t like the group system because of that. I think it should be all knock-out matches over two legs with the best team going through like the old European Cup.

‘Even so I’d like to get through the group stage and although there are some really top sides in the competition we’ve got the players to give anybody problems.’

I am getting more and more gutted that I am not in Braga for this game, even more so as its not even on the box! At least I was there for Vitoria SC and will also be there for Wolfsburg, so 2 out of 3 – hopefully more to follow – aint bad…


Finally, as to round up a recent poll result Sol Campbell was rightly voted the man of the match in our draw at Villa Park at the weekend, streets ahead of anyone else!


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