Date: 15th July 2009 at 1:58pm
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‘Dr SAF’s Pompey takeover is a good thing’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from bluedr’s poll are thoughts that you cannot, as a Pompey fan, be against, surely…

It had to be a no brainer, surely?

Any Pompey fan must surely think that a takeover, to ‘probably’ prevent what was looking a god-awful future, must be a good thing…

It was touch and go for a while, after being heavily favoured at 80% for this suddenly swayed to 80% against – clearly some unwanted visitors voting 🙂

Things cannot have looked much bleaker than they did before Dr SAF came on the scene, so for anyone – non-Pompey – to be opposed to this takeover would be bizarre.

With the ‘fit and proper’ measures in place too, in theory we should only see someone coming in that is fit and proper too, so when this goes through it will be a very good thing…

  • What the poll asked – The takeover of PFC by Dr SAF?

  • How you voted – Good 56%, Bad 44%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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