Date: 31st December 2008 at 1:54pm
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Ok fellow Vitalists I like many other on here have been giving my opinion as to whether Tony Adams is the right man for us.

However! This has been mainly on my gut feeling, so I thought I’d dig out some figures to back up my reasons that I think TA is not the man to lead us forward.

I do think that in the harsh facts-driven world of Football where ONLY points on the board count. These stack up AGAINST Adams I’m afraid.

People including myself have said that we have had a miserable run since before the Cup Final. So, to back up this theory I have gone back 18 games into last Season to make up a complete season when added to the 20 we have now played in this.

I do hope that this is clear so far? I’m starting to confuse myself.

Tony Adams 1st:

12 games 10pts…Ave per game 0.83
Multiply by 38 = 31.66pts enough for 19th position over the last two seasons.
If we take his Ave per game of 0.83 and multiply it 18 times until the end of the season, that is another 15pts giving us 38pts.

Over the last 18 games of last season he achieved 26pts
over the 1st 8 games of this Season he achieved 13pts
Total over 26 games = 39pts…Ave pts per game = 1.5
Multiply 1.5 x 38 games = 57pts Good enough for 8th place last season. EXACTLY the same pts as we achieved last season.


The facts stack up against Adams I’m afraid. Unless we start a massive turn around in our points tally then it really is Fizzy Pop footie for us next Season!!!!!

I’d love to have said the tail end of last Season and the 1st 8 games this season we’re worse than they were. But; truth is they weren’t.

So for all you Adams lovers out there, you better hope your man comes good, otherwise look forward to Ipswich and the like gracing Fratton’s famous turf next Season, and possibly Administration if things really don’t take a turn for the better

Written by pentonpompey.

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10 Replies to “TA v HR The facts”

  • The facts that dispite inheriting a brilliant squad, the players havn’t performed for him. Be it some iffy subsitutions, late goals, the woodwork, missed pens, injuries, whatever. TA ain’t lucky & now Pompey ain’t lucky or good. All the poison thrown at HR won’t remove the best of times in our lifetime. It’s just a shame it had to end. I just don’t want it to end with relegation 12 months after winning the FA cup. Stats, you can keep them, fact is more important. We are in trouble & tough decisions have to be made the future of the club is too important to worry about upsetting a person or three.

  • Tough decisions, but they must be made otherwise we will be on our way down.
    We need a good month, where we play well accumulate some points, home and away, and then really finish the season off in style this time.

  • The thought of having to play Ipswich is a sobering thought. My in-laws are from Ipswich – they’re all barking

  • How about looking at the middle of the season performance of both though. HR never did well in between say November and March. I am not going to start to say that TA has the same inspirational qualities that HR does, but just that we never have had good results in the middle of the season.

  • Don’t think figures tell the full story, Citeh beat us 6-0 but are on less points than us, we drew 0-0 with Villa they are 4th, & 1 goal can change a game which is 3 points, so we will have to wait and see!

  • i want to see what adams can do with a team of players that want to play for him – it only takes one of two rotten apples to upset the cart and maybe defoe is that apple that has been upsetting the cart of late?
    as dave pointed out elsewhere our performances have more often than not been better when he has not played!

  • Sorry, but all your “facts” prove is that you can make statistics tell whatever story you want to tell. You go back a completely arbitrary number of games (which conveniently starts at a run of wins during the HR era) and take a much larger sample for HR’s average than for TA. If you want to make it remotely fair, you at least have to sample the same number of games for each manager. I tried the last twelve games of last season for HR, and the last twelve games he managed at all, and both ways he averages exactly 1.0 points per game, which is scarcely better than Tony.

  • Facts are though Phil; Tony Adams to date has sent out teams that have NOT gained enough points, end of! We don’t know what will happen but if we do carry on at this rate we are goners…That is Fact! The reason I came up with some figures was because people had long moaned that our bad run had started when our cup run started to get serious. So! to try to balance it out I went back 18 games, which would be around the time that was mentioned. 18 also made up a season when added to this Season. It by the way is much harder to achieve a superior average over a longer period, so I don’t see how that aided Harry. I did not set out to get behind harry, far from it. I tried to give credence to the theory that it was just as bad for the last six months under Harry as it is under TA. I also wanted to give this site something to debate both for and against. Something that had at least a few figures to give it some meat to get it started. Something im sad to say didn’t really happen. Maybe it was a little too pointless.

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