Date: 15th April 2008 at 3:46pm
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As the season is coming to a end manager Harry Redknapp is already planning for next season with a pre season friendly against Swindon Town at the county ground.

This will be hard for me because I am a Portsmouth fan and the Swindon town ballboy but I think I will give up ballboy duties to sit in the Arkells Stand with the Pompey lot!

If you are considering going to the game please don’t get tickets in the Stratton Bank, as there is no roof! They might not even open the Stratton Bank.

Let it be a good game with hopefully a PORTSMOUTH WIN!!!

Play up Pompey!!!

Written by stfc ballboy.

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12 Replies to “Swindon in pre season?”

  • it’ll be an interesting game for you then stfc ballboy – just dont be running on to get the ball at all 🙂
    all being well i will go to this game as its not ‘that far’ from me, i hear were also playing torquay again this season…
    i remember the 3-3 draw in the 1998/99 season, we were 3-1 down at half time and the lat flahavan had to go off injured, russell perret went in goal but we still battled back from 3-1 down to draw 3-3 – jeff peron scoring the equaliser when we scored twice in a couple of minutes. we had both ends that day – including the stratton bank, as pictured and mentioned… my cousin was in that end i was in the other end, it was brilliant having away fans as both ends, and i reckon we must have had almost as many, if not more away fans as their home fans! i meet milan mandaric and alan ball before that game in a hotel in swindon with the south west supporters club – altho the club werent having happy days, it was a happy day.

  • Not one of my fave teams. Still have the grudge games in the early-mid 90s fresh in my mind. Last went there the day we got them relegated to what is Div 3 & they are still there. About 12 years ago. Kit Symons was still there & John Durnin. The few bright sparks in a crap team of ours in some dark seasons. Light years from where we are now, thankfully.

  • well, i’ll probably go…i have some swindon supporting friends, and will be trying to go to more away games too…

  • i dont think ive seen us win at swindon, seen us draw and lose – i would ‘hope’ this will change this summer…

  • Always wondered what your user name meant stfc ballboy. Last time I went up to swindon, I got lost on the magic roundabout!! Is that still there? All I can remember of the game is that Macca was playing, no more I’m afraid.

  • That sounds like a cracker of a game to go to Rug! Didn’t Stefani Miglioranzi go there from us? And Sammy Igoe, the lifesize subuteo player! I used to think they were both fantastic players. Now THAT makes me realise just how far we’ve come!

  • If this comes off, then this is a cracker for us Robins supporters. It will be good to play the FA cup winners ( you had better win it and not let the Welsh contingent get it!!!). It would be an honor to have afew bevvies with you guys.

  • it was a belter NorthStandDan one of those games that really sticks in my mind for the whole day, we were in dire financial trouble at the time but the support – as always – was incredible! meeting bally and milan, having them answer our questions before the game was even better.
    yep stefani and igoe did noth go on to play for swindon – stefani was captaining them until just a couple of years ago i think… the fella once wrote me a letter, front and back of a notepad sized paper, top man!

  • if reading is classed as my “home” match, then i suppose being born in swindon, this is my “home home” match. ..or not. anyway, apart from aldershot and reading, this is the nearest ground to my house, so i will almost definitely be there. should be a good game!

  • yes pompey4me that stupid magic roundabout is still there.But now it is even more confusing they have added more lanes.

  • LOL, Milglioranzi – Migli the pansy I used to call him because he never got stuck in and looked a lightweight. I remember the season we got promoted (Swindon) to the Prem and you guys were given us a good run for our money with Whittigham and Walsh up-front, probably the best two in the division at the time.

    The magic roundabout is great – Swindon is so dull it is one of the few things that we are famous for (and the bleeding railways!!) if you are visiting the County Ground you can’t miss it because the ground is on the roundabout!!

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