Date: 5th February 2009 at 10:42am
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Supporters or doom mongers, that is the question. But what is the answer.

Having listened to the Quay last night and reading comments both on Vital and The News, I cannot for the life of me understand the so called ‘supporters’ we have that can do nothing but moan and whinge about how bad we are, and that we are going down and Adams should be sacked etc etc.

What would the moaners want?? For us to sack Adams, get in Ferguson and spend £100m on new players and buy success, (not happening at Man City though) of course that would be great and get a new stadium to go with it all, but lets get real, there are limited funds and if anybody doesn’t know, Ferguson when he first started was one game away from being sacked due to a poor run. He got that next result and as they say ‘the rest is history’.

I appreciate everybody has an opinion, and thank god we have that privilege in our country, but come on, support by definition in the Oxford Dictionary is “be actively interested” and “endure, tolerate” and supportive is, “providing support or encouragement”.

So lets all do that eh? Lets make this Saturday the start of our revival and get behind Portsmouth Football Club and give them the ‘support’ that makes us one of the best set of fans in the country.

There are too many ‘only fans when we’re winning’ out there who are probably those that are coming out with all the doom monger comments, but the true fans have been here before and will, as we have done before get behind the team however they play, because we are blue through and through.

Yes we all get frustrated and yes we all would change things tactically at varying points during the game, but as it stands Tony Adams has the mantle and along with his backroom team are responsible for putting out a playing team to represent our fine city, so until that changes and for the next three and half months or so, TA and the team he picks have clearly got their part to play as well. Hopefully if we give them the ‘support’ that we have done on may occasions i.e. AC Milan then they will rise to that and respond (hopefully).

Enough said, Play Up Pompey.

Written by Blarmy.

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18 Replies to “Supporters or doom mongers??”

  • ‘Endure’ is the right word – watching PFC these days is like being on the recieving end of a Jack Bauer special! That being said, I wouldn’t swap it for the world, and quite frankly everyone can pi$$ and moan all they want, it’s not gonna change anything. I say let them whinge, because if we’re relegated we shall soon see who the real fans are – and I’ll be there in rain/snow/sun cheering on our team AND manager whether we be playing Man Utd or Scunthorpe. PUP.

  • I hate all this talk about “real” fans. I can understand the sentiment in this but sometimes I get the impression that some people would like to go back to the “good old bad old days” because they can wear it like a badge of honour and anyone who has not “endured” those days does not have the right to call themselves a Pompey fan – nonsense; you have start somewhere, and better our kids support Pompey than Man U or Chelski. Having said that, supporting a side like Pompey makes you appreciate the good times and, perhaps, just perhaps, teaches you a little bit of humility and the ability to handle victory and defeat with equal measure.

  • General Moan here. Don’t question who are real fans or not by their opinions. Following the team & backing their every kick does not stop just because things are not perfect. Yes, I would rather be in our position than the scummers. Yes, I wish we were this time last year than now. Yes I wish we had a new stadia & training ground. Yes I can moan for England & will carry on doing so whilst I feel I have justification. Yes I well praise the team when it is justified. Don’t lecture on who are real fans please. This isn’t a Man Utd website!

  • I used to go to FP before we got promoted to almost every home game. I’ve never been able to, nor can I now, afford a season ticket. So when we got promoted, I suddenly couldn’t get a ticket for love nor money, why was that? Did FP suddenly reduce seat numbers? No it’s because “fans” suddenly saw a local top-flight team and decided to go. If we get relegated, I can guarantee I’ll be able to go weekly again. It’s just annoying because I have blue blood, yet idiots that don’t care about/know anything about the club get to see my team play – ask them about beating Bradford at home 3-1 in 1997 and just about staying up and they probably wouldn’t remember a thing.

  • i will be in the fratton end on saturday with my season ticket seat supporting the boys in blue — im just hoping we can get that little bit of “luck” we deserve. maybe we should accidentally increase the height of the goals by 10cm so that when we hit the crossbar its in fact a goal! =) id be more than satisfied with a draw against the pool!

  • We are British and it’s in our blood to moan about everything! I mean you should just hear the women moan when they are in bed with me!
    Seriously though, I don’t think the fans can help it. It would be more constructive though to come out with some decent comments like on this site rather than just ‘sack Adams’.

  • Lets get behind the team on saturday because we really need that 12th man, if its electrifying at fratton park im sure results will turn in our favour.

  • very true jtpfc23 we need to stay behind the team, and truly support them. i think we should give tony 3 or 4 more games to prove himself…

  • We will back the team but sometimes the team need to give is something to get excited about. Great against Villa then pathetic at Fulham.

  • I agree Matt. Our lot in the south stand were actually standing up and screaming during the Villa match. Never seen anything like it, apart from Milan.

  • Been there through the darkest of dark days .. Does it make me more of a Pompey fan .. HELL NO (as Tim says people have to start somewhere).. Does it give me a badge to wear and be proud of ? HELL YES! – I know I will be there come what May ..Do I think some of those that brought season tickets just for the premiership years will be there – No I don’t … If the unthinkable happens *which of course it won’t) Hopefully Gino can gt his seat back .. I’m sure there will be one or two near me vacant..

  • but the true fans will stay, and support the club whatever happens! although, how many fans are left for the scum?? lol

  • Loyalty is one thing but what’s wrong with an occasional win. I had well and truly done my Xmas shopping when that last happened in the Prem. Will I have to wait until November again ?

  • I can understand people moaning – its been awful lately, and its so depressing coming away from football after yet another defeat and/or poor performance, knowing you’re going to run the gauntlett of the fans of other teams when you go to work on Monday – because you wear your love for Pompey like a badge, that almost defines you. I don’t think it makes anyone less of a fan, and we should have recruited more fans with the recent success, its only natural, and we need them to try to fill our stadium a bit more. But its time for everyone to wake up and do what has to be done to get us out of this mess – and that means the 12th man getting behind the team, lifting them and helping the ball into Reina’s goal. If we don’t do that, then as fans, we will have deserved to go down. Sing your hearts out for the lads!

  • Storage I was not trying to lecture anybody as I have no right to do that, what I was trying to point out to the people that reckon that we are crap and will definately go down, never get a new ground and we will probably end up bankrupt etc etc. Everybody has a right to moan and as I pointed out that is why we have freedom of speech, christ I have a right old moan along with my mates when stupid things happen out on the pitch, just the same as everybody else. But I wouldn’t send a text or email into the Quay or go on this site and say we’re crap because that is not the case, we are still a Premiership side who are admitedly at the wrong end of the table at present, by a couple of good results and we are back up in the top ten. Just trying to rally around the fans thats all.

  • I agree with what you’ve just said blarmy, we all have Pompey as our number one priority. We all think & say things packaged in different ways. Times are hard & stressful & it shows with the views coming out.

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