Date: 31st January 2009 at 5:45pm
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Well after another disastrous result Toast is back to try and put a smile back on the faces of all Pompey fans. Not an easy task is it but we will try. Remember we did hit the bar and have a blatant penalty refused by Alan Wiley but let’s forget this offside trap please.

Tony summed it all up honestly by saying if you make schoolboy errors you deserve nothing. He plans to get back to the training ground and sort things out.

Right down to business, firstly I must apologise for the lateness of last week’s Toast. It was down to a shortage of bread in the Eastney area and the fact that we had lost the cup. Still never mind eh, normal service resumed this week.

Questions, questions, questions

Last week in the comments several of you asked questions, well here are the answers.

PFCGino asked to know how the 58/59 season ended. Well Gino you really don’t want to know I promise you. After eighteen games Pompey had seventeen points and were in mid table (only two points for a win then remember). Then things went wrong the last twenty four games provided only four points! They were all from draws only one of them at home!! Pompey even managed to lose their last nine games of the season and finished bottom ten points from safety.

Pompey had been members of the top division since 1927 and of course had won the league twice. They were to play only one season in division one in the next forty four years! It was during that season I moved to live in Portsmouth and all I ever heard was don’t go and watch Pompey they are ****!!

Sorry to you all for the fifty years reference but I have to spot these things and bring to you attention but you can add to that coincidence in both seasons we drew at White Hart Lane in January!!

pompeycarpet asked any chance of signing Peter Harris? Sorry carpet but sadly Peter died on 3 January 2003. Jermaine Pennant is a good right winger but older fans will tell you he could not touch Harris for speed and crossing as well as he scored over 200 goals for his only club, Pompey.

pentonpompey asked are you sure Crouchie is only 28? Yes I am Crouch was born in Macclesfield on 30th January 1981 he made his Pompey debut at Wolves 11th August 2001he scored after 8 minutes!

Gandor1 says I can’t believe Bobby Stokes was only born in 1951. he was Gandor, I played asked Bob at school and I too was born in 1951. if only Pompey had a youth policy in the 1960`s Bob would have played at Fratton Park and the lot up the road would not have won the cup in 1976!!

Be careful on auction sites

I was browsing e-bay the other day and spotted a very interesting item. It was advertised as – 1928-29 PORTSMOUTH FC LEAGUE DIV 1 SILVER MEDAL – bids were £100 and over or you could buy at £130!

I was fascinated and had to have a look but doubted its authenticity. I blew the picture up and sure enough it was nothing to do with Pompey’s first season in Division One but a Portsmouth North End league Division One medal – it was silver however. Of value no doubt but not £130. No fault of e-bay of course but a warning to all those looking for old items. If in doubt ask an expert before paying out large sums of hard earned cash.

On the subject of local league football we are of course still waiting for Chix’s serialisation of his definitive history of the Dockyard League! If he would stop messing around with this transfer rumour stuff maybe he would finish it.

Forum news

Was looking around the forum the other day and noticed a couple of things of interest. Firstly the ever popular Word Association is two years old today!! It has had over 43,000 views and nearly 7,000 posts. Just goes to show how popular a site Vital Pompey is when this is a non football thread.

Also a new member, charlie88 is looking for help. She is a final year journalism degree student and needs the help of ardent Pompey fans. Charlie needs your input with her degree feature on the club and the fans. The work needs to be original and not straight from a book.

Charlie is awaiting your thoughts and recollections by email, private message or even phone. Drop her a pm in the forum if you want to help with her questions, what it is about Pompey supporters that make them so passionate? What are your most memorable games and bust ups? Who are the biggest rivals apart from the lot down the road?

Can journalists research please?

My Sky Sports email arrived as usual Friday and they list the Top Ten Worst January Buys. All the usual suspects but for some reason – always anti Pompey I suppose, they select the purchase of Aleksandar Rodic from NK Gorcia in 2005 for an undisclosed fee.

Yes, Rodic did not pull up any trees in the four games he played but surely in the top ten? On the happier side of the article the manager to get the blame is Jamie`s dad!! Come on Sky, Rodic was bought in by Velimir Zajec in the 2005 window. On the subject of Rodic the internet journalists really do have it in for him. On another site 4thegame they have an article on Rodic and a picture..of Richard Hughes!!

The transfer window has little over 24 hours to run and Pompey have their two home loan signings in the pocket with Arnand Traore and Jermaine Pennant. However this does not stop journalists writing headlines such as ‘Portsmouth seek loan deal for Man City striker Sturridge’. Now who cannot count then?

TV decisions

Following the Villa game last Tuesday I have heard again the constant cries for the use of television replays on incidents that the officials have missed.

Now no-one is defending the petulance that Nadir Belhadj showed when he kicked the ball away when his pleas fro handball against Carlos Cuellar were rejected by the assistant referee but handball it certainly was.

From my seat some seventy yards away you could clearly see a Cuellar hand divert the ball as Nadir attempted to flick the ball over him. The assistant was only a few yards away and missed it and of course referee Peter Walton had seen nothing all night, sent him off for two yellow cards. TV replays would have cleared that up of course and how long to we have to wait for them?


1st February Dave Bamber is 50

5th February Micky Hazard will be 49, John Aloisi 33 and Manuel Fernandes 23.

6th February Tim Sherwood 40.

7th February John Atyeo, the subject of Chix’s article recently, was born in 1932, Shaun Murray 39.

Last week we mentioned Brain Lewis in the birthday’s column. During the week I was sent an excellent obituary of Louie that appeared in the Independent back in January 1999. It includes the following section which best sums up the player I remember so well.

Lewis occupied every outfield position, but was at his best as an attacking right-half who packed a savage shot, whose sweeping crossfield passes were a trademark, and who was wirily resilient in the tackle. A lovable scamp both on and off the pitch, he was feted by his supporters, especially at Portsmouth, for cheeky dribbles which lured opponents into rash tackles, thus securing free-kicks in menacing situations.

Though his only taste of England’s top flight was for one term in and out of the Coventry team, he appeared to have the requisite ability for that level. In 1975 Lewis entered non-League circles with Hastings, then worked in the furniture trade while retaining his contact with the game as a successful youth coach. Passionate about his football – he named his only son after Duncan Edwards, the Manchester United prodigy who perished in the Munich air disaster – Brian Lewis retained his enthusiasm until the end, and was laid to rest wearing the shirt of his beloved Pompey`.

Some of you will know that Lewis was my all time favourite Pompey player. This great piece of writing from Ivan Ponting says it all.

That`s it from me see you all next week.


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