Date: 30th October 2011 at 7:30pm
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An article from cornypomp, “If you don’t expect, then you don’t get disappointed” sets the tone – read on for more.

“If you don’t expect, then you don’t get disappointed” was a line my Dad often quoted to me when I was a teenager. It was directed more towards relationships with other people than expectations of a football team in a season though…

I have tried to keep it in mind when dealing with people all my life, in both personal and professional relationships, and I feel it has stood me in good stead… ‘mostly’… People let you down when you ‘expect’ of them because by doing so you are setting them up to fall short… of your, yeah you guessed it ‘expectations’…

Ok, enough of the sermon cos I’ve cocked up big time, I BLOODY WELL EXPECTED!!! I really “expected” us..PFC.. to do one hell of a lot better when we dropped down into the Championship. Although I didn’t “expect” us to storm straight back up to the Prem, I certainly ‘expected us to be in a far more commanding position than we now are. After all, like us all I’d got used to Pompey being an EPL team for seven seasons, “expectations” had been raised. Ok, we’d had a little local difficulty with various fit and proper persons, but we were not going to hang around in the second tier for long… we were better than that. Skint and tied to paying back creditors or not eh!

I don’t need to ramble on, you know the rest. As I cast a slightly envious eye over ‘that lot down the road’ I think we are going to have to lower “expectations” considerably and rebuild slowly/properly like they have. As much as it sticks in my craw to say it, they’ve taken their time and done well, and I’m pleased for them and their current position in this league… they deserve it.

By the way, I still think it was absolutely right to get rid of SC, he didn’t have an ounce of positive football in him and he certainly wasn’t the sort of manager to move us forward again, no matter how slowly. Negativity doesn’t produce positive results… fact…


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Written by cornypomp and originally posted in the forum – here.

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9 Replies to “Sunday Sermon.. ‘EXPECTATIONS’”

  • Jeez .. It’s a good job I aint religious Corns.. You’d have me banished to a dungeon somewhere if I told you what I thought .. Praise for the Scummers (whatever next) …. and.. Cotterill wasn’t gotten rid of… he left us remember .. and as for negativity of his play .. I may stand alone.. but in 12 months time when Forest are flying we’ll be regretting not hanging onto him… Football is fickle .. we all know that but Cotterill has hung drawn and quartered by a section of Pompey fans (less eloquent than you) who all know how to run a club and know more about tactics than anybody I’ve ever met.. When a 40 yard cross field pass gets described as ‘huff football’ then we all need to stand up for our opinions .. which you have quite rightly done (for other reasons) and I hope others do the same for theirs … It takes guts to state you case.. Anyway .. as for expectations.. yeah I had them too .. so like you I guess I am guilty too .. Others sadly will still expect and expect and continue to expect and moan and goan until we are back in the Prem.. sadly (again) that will mean I have to listen to a lot of moaning… PS loved the article title ..

  • Ouch Chix! you are starting to sound a lot like anybody who doesn’t agree with you is wrong…. So I am going to be brave… I don’t think anybody in their right mind believed Cott’s record was anywhere near good enough to keep his position much longer ; and i saw a hell of a lot more Hoofing it football as opposed to controlled deliberate 40 yard passes. Apart from Lawrence no player came out in support of him when the writing was clearly on the wall and confidences were being dreaded and voted. What was noticeable was the team spirit post Potty Cottey. Pompey were caught napping at Derby I arrived late, went to the toilet on the way i texted Rug it was 2-0 down and on the way back got notified by Rug we were 3-0 down. A bit like Cott’s time, the second half was much more acceptable ( why wasnt it always like that; why wasnt it ever tactically right in the first half) and the team has promise – when it’s awake …. What I’m looking forward to is a few less “we shoulda won that” s which made Pompey a joke of the various fan sites and a few less cards and suspensions. Just my opinion.

  • By the way Corneypomp I really liked this article bits of thoughts and the frustrations most everybody has experienced recently. Made me smile ; Razak looks like a good option and it seems Sean is the man and he deserves and will receive my support as that Cotterille bloke did until he wore it out.

  • according to the mirror, s,o,d will be unveiled as our new boss imminently, i still have reservations but i trust the board. pup

  • Jeez… I didn’t expect this to be a front pager, does that mean I’m famous now 🙂 SC’s gone, whether he was pushed or jumped, he’s history, it’s time to move on. I can’t speak for others, but I do feel if we hadn’t been in the Prem for seven years my “expectations” of us as a team would have been lower. They’ve been pumped up with steroids over the years of top tier football and now it requires a real fresh appraisal of the situation at ground level. I’ve supported this club through the dark days, and God knows how many managers, so I should be well used to disappointment. Time to really dust off, pick myself up and realistically take on our present situation and where we are headed. Always Pompey till I snuff it though, no matter what league we are in… PUP

  • Russ.. my comments were not intended to imply that ‘I was right’ .. far from it in fact.. but just a bit tired of the ‘numpties’ who moan at anything.. luckily they are very few of them on Vital *and I wasn’t implying Corney was one either lol) .. but as It’s the only message board I post on .. I do (admittedly) have a rant at the wrong people from time to time …. No harm intended and hopefully none taken .. but like you I just want a trouble free club where we can all concentrate on the football .. maybe stupidly I thought we were getting there under Cotterill .. Hopefully when the next manager is appointed we can close this chapter and move on.. but the first person I hear moaning about formations or tactics or manager sackings or lack of big name signings .. or premiership aspirations… .. Well .. just …well… 😉

  • Numptie = Corny 🙂 I should Co Co… just when I was basking in the afterglow of being on the front page. I’m back off to forum to have a moan about formations, tactics and managers 😉

  • I hate sitting on the fence, but there is a lot to agree with on most of these posts! Expectations, I agree have been set too high, for the last two years. Just because we’ve had a CVA agreed, people seem to think we can put it behind us and move on… we can’t! We’ve got another 3-4 years of this CVA constricting our every move. That’s why my biggest expectations for the next 2-3 years at least is staying in the Championship – and I will be happy for that……some people though are expecting play off places, etc. NOT REALISTIC. I’m neither happy nor upset that SC has gone, he did a reasonable job for us, but agreed, he didn’t set the world alight……but I also think that a good 75% of the names mentioned as his replacement would be a step back or at best, no better…..We, as fans, have our share of blame to answer for in our recent history, but find it easier to blame a manager, chairman, investor, players etc. etc…….we can all get carried away with our expectations, and sometimes the reality pill is hard to swallow – PUP

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