Date: 6th May 2009 at 1:36pm
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Scouring forums (should be searching for placements, my excuse, I’ve been hungover), it seems the general consensus is you are either dreading or looking forward to the transfer window.

After some thought, I’ve decided to bracket myself in the latter lot, and I’ll explain why (well, no good me making a statement then not backing it up).

Yes, I do believe we’ll lose the likes of Johnno/Niko. We aren’t a big enough club, in terms of size, spending power, fanbase, etc, to keep hold of players of this calibre, especially Johnson. I’ve consigned myself to he fact that we’ll see him play his last ever game for PFC against Wigan. It’ll be a shame, but I’ll give him my applause, the man’s transformed since he’s been here, and has given us some fantastic moments to remember him by.

I’m trying to keep a level head in terms of whether or not we’ll actually get a buyer in the summer. If we do, then brilliant, the sky’s the limit. If we don’t, then it’ll be a frugal window, one which the club must take advantage of.

As the credit crunch is still in full swing, quite a few teams are also feeling it, and that’ll be shown by the amount of players available for frees in the summer due to non-extension of their contracts. This is where we must strike, and first.

If we do sell Johnno and Niko, then it has to be almost straight away, we can mourn their departures when the window closes. With the cash we make from them, we’ll probably see the majority of it stashed back into the club to further dent the debts we have. Not a problem in my eyes, I’d rather we used the money to keep the administrators at bay.

We can also take the opportunity to shift the dead wood – maybe even make a cool little sum on Utaka, if Bordeaux really are stupid enough to want to pay £7 million for him as reported. I’d bite their arm off for that.

So with a bit of the debt wiped out, further being helped by the reduction of the wage bill, we can go on from there and look at some free transfers in the key areas that need rebuilding.

Ideally, another striker is desperately needed. Kanu’s no spring chicken anymore and can’t take the full 90 minutes, week-in, week-out. Gekas will be out of here like a shot, and I have a feeling Nugent will once again be relegated to the bench, which, being the gentleman he is, he’ll accept and bide his time again.

We also need another couple of key midfielders. In fact, really, we only need one. I would hope Basinas will get a chance next season – clean slate and all that – and Diop could be given a chance to show his worth as well. Pennant I feel could be effective, if he stayed on, and everyone knows I love Belhadj. So, really, we’d only need someone to cover Basinas’s tiring legs. Although again, we could have Kaboul for that. But we may indeed pick up GON again, which would help quite a bit.

It’s the defence that I would shake up the most. Campbell’s getting on a bit and I think the rumours of him going to Villarreal will start heating up again in the next few weeks. Hermann is apparently moving to Rangers, and Distin is wanted by the Spuds. Couple all these with Johnno’s imminent departure, and we suddenly lose our entire first team back four. So that’ll be the area where we need to focus on the most.

I have no idea who’ll be available in the summer to buy, loan or sign on a free, so I have no names to put into a theoretical ‘hat’ to pick from.

But I am looking forward to this window; I think we could see a transformed, trimmed, leaner, and financially better-off version of Pompey emerge out of the other end of it.


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8 Replies to “Summer transfer window/financial musings”

  • What’s important here is that we get reasonable money for those that do leave, in my eyes Jonno is worth 10-12M and Niko around 8M. To be honest if we could get 10M for Crouchy I’d let him go as well. Very different team next season for sure. Lets hope some of the money from sales is made available to the manager.

  • I have it on good authority that Pennant is off to the Toffees, Basinas and Gekas faces don’t fit and Cranie doesn’t get a game as likes to party too much!

  • I’m not in the Johnno is leaving camp at all I strongly believe he will be here next season.. but to stick with your thoughts lets say he is not….

    So the back four.. assuming they all go ..

    Cranie, Wilson, Kaboul Belhadj

    What’s wrong that ? .. other than maturity and experience not a lot .. so they will need protecting.. dare I say …. Diop Mullins and Hughes can do that job… So that leaves us with Utaka on the right wing… and Nugent on the left (poor old Nuge)

    Then we have Crouchy up fron on his own..

    Not a very adventurous team granted … but with no money and all the players gone that you have stated that’s our bare bones.. obviously anybody brought in with enhance that team and (maybe .. just maybe) influence the 451 formation..

  • Yeap thats my worry bluedr. To offset the debts what we get for our lot and what is re-invested into a new squad might not be enough for us to be a top ten force next season. If it keeps us from administration, then fair enough but deep down I was proud of Pompey being able to compete for europe and worry the top four when we played them. We need a new owner with lots of cash. I don’t see too many around in todays football world.

  • I agree Chix. But we still need an excellent midfielder who can create and manage the midfield. Davis can do that, but we need someone who can nick in goals too. I suggest that we buy a CB, maybe Meite from WBA and a left back as I do not think Belhadj is that kind of defensive player when needed most. I assume Hermann still stays on. If we buy two-three average players and pay off some depths, yeah it is better.

  • I can see Bellend turning into a Matty Taylor, At left Midfield converting to left back when needed. He’s a natural in midfield. My worry is; where are the goals going to come from?? We’ve hardly been prolific this season, and I can’t see it getting any better!

  • One other thing. Having read what West Ham could possibly go for; As their Chairman is reportedly 300m in debt, will make it even harder for us to offload ourselves to investors. Add into this mix, Newcastle and we look a very poor relation.

  • I think we should look to offload Crouchy for some decent money and buy a lone striker who likes to play upfront by themselves. It is not Crouchy’s fault that he looks poor all by himself, it’s just not his natural position. We DO need more goals next season!

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