Date: 8th April 2009 at 11:35am
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Manyoo have already won the league cup – and I even supported them, how ‘dirty’ I felt, as I could not have stuck ‘Jamie’s Dad’ winning that! They are top of the league, into the semis of the FA cup and still very much alive in the champions league, yet it’s still not enough for some…

Manyoo concede two goals at Old Trafford last night, granted away goals, and this automatically means ‘it’s all going wrong’, and it ‘looks like they are going out’… according to some fans anyway!

I, and most other fans, can only dream of even getting champions league football, but of course from watching this year in year out I know that away goals can prove invaluable but the fact that Porto managed two of them does not mean that Manyoo are out by a long shot.

As they are an English side I want them to go through, but it is little wonder why I am so desperate for the bin dippers – Liverpool – to nip in and win the league and anyone but them win the cup. Them getting through would also of course help us ‘slightly’ when we go to Old Trafford in a few weeks, as the more trophies they are going for the more chance we ‘might’ have of getting something.

I would almost be amazed if they do not go to Portugal and finish the job – so why the ‘panic’ and ‘worry’, if only some clubs’ only worry was something as ‘trivial’ as conceding a couple of away goals in Europe, some clubs are fighting for their very lives – that is something to bloody worry about!

Apparently, despite them having already put one domestic cup in the trophy cabinet – adding that to the world club cup, or whatever it was – and still being very much in the driving seat to retain the title, with a cup semi to also look forward to and just a win in Portugal – or high scoring draw – away from another champions league semi appearance, this is not good enough, or even enough!

Bloody hell, it must be a hard life being a Manyoo fan. And when it all ‘goes wrong’ it must be ‘even worse’…

Most fans of most other clubs in the world would give almost anything to see their club in the position that Manyoo are in right now, and often are, yet still this is not good enough for some.

Good god you Mancs, not that many of you actually are local or actually support them for any other reason than the fact that you are ‘so good’, get a grip guys…


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