Date: 30th September 2010 at 1:45pm
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Travelling, today and yesterday, coupled with time being spent with Trina – come on guys I had not seen her for a week – along with my brother, who celebrated a birthday on Wednesday, meant that I was not really around for much of yesterday and this morning, so the events of the past 24-hours or so have gone slightly unnoticed, or so it would seem…

They have not though, so here is a ‘brief’ wrap of the happenings in Pompey world!

Storrieteller continues to pillage Pompey!

With the publishing of the most recent creditors report several things had come to light, most alarming – although are we really that surprised? – the revelation that Storrieteller pocketed a whopping £87,000 plus for 5-months of ‘consultancy’ work with the club during our administration!

If the fact that the man that played such a prominent part in our decline was retained during our admin period, as he was despite many loyal, hard working, genuine and honest staff being laid off and businesses unpaid, was not bad enough picking up almost £90k for his ‘help’ leaves an ever sourer taste in all of our mouths, surely?

The man has no loyalty – well to anything but money, shame, honour, decency etc. etc. and this latest news just continues to show him up for what he really is.

At a time when, as mentioned, so many were cut adrift and so many bills went unpaid in full, to those that really need it, for him to be drawing that kind of money really is criminal!

Of course I have to be careful what I say, but I would hope that I speak for us all when I say ‘I hope he gets what he’s got coming to him’ when he FINALLY does face criminal charges for tax evasion, whenever that will be…

Pompey making, and not losing, money!

Speaking of the creditors report, despite The Storrieteller news, this showed that Pompey’s income exceeded our expenditure – surely a rare feat in recent years!

The News reports that there is a profit to the tune of £300,000 – ok, maybe not a huge amount but as a well know supermarket would say ‘every little helps’…

I’m the Daddy!

The need for a decent assistant is something that many people have been saying that Steve Cotterill has needed, although today he has quite clearly spelt out that he has NO intention of bringing in a no.2 – not that we could afford it anyway.

Ian Woan and Guy Whittingham have acted as 1st team coaches and Cotterill says that he is more than happy with what they have done so sees no need to change things at all.

He also says that as he is such a ‘hands on’ manager and does not like ‘delegating’ he would end up doing everything anyway so what would be the point in an assistant!

To be honest this does not surprise me at all – I had previously said that he would need to have a real ‘yes man’ in the mould of Phil Neal under Graham Taylor, as Cotterill likes it his way and his way only so really there is no need for this assistant is there, perhaps when things sort themselves out a little more another coach could be brought in though?


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