Date: 30th May 2010 at 9:54am
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‘Peter Storrie should go away now and leave this club along having NO involvement in it at all’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from Midge’s poll are thoughts that I totally agree with, and I was definitely in the 92%…

I am sick to death of Storrieteller, his lies, deceit and inability to take any accountability for what has happened to this club.

I am also sick and tired of treading over the ground of WHY a chief exec SHOULD be held more accountable, yet cannot or will not, hold his hands up and admit as much, instead keep churning out the ‘I am a club employee on a par with the tea lady’ bulls**t.’

If the man had any integrity he would admit his shortcoming, and if he also had any respect or dignity he would hold his hands up and say ‘fair enough, I know I am not wanted so I will now move on,’ after all is this IS what he said he would do if the fans wanted this, and we sure as hell want this!

It makes me livid that a man that has helped play such a role in getting us into this position, and helped make himself so much money doing this, can continue to be retained even as a ‘consultant’. This ‘consultant’ will clearly line his, and the agents that he deals with – such as Zahavi, McKay and Silkman – pockets when he conducts transfers ‘getting the best deals’ in the coming weeks.

A word of warning to West Ham though, having these said agents dealing with you on a regular basis is going to end in tears…

Unless this new CEO is no longer coming in, why is Storrieteller being able to profit once more at our expense? Has he not done this enough!

To be fair to Admin Andy, who would win more fans if he gave him the elbow, I would not be at all surprised if Storrieteller is digging his heels in and demanding a substantial payoff to ‘break his contract early,’ as again this about sums the man up – a decent bloke would walk away, but I would not put it past him not walking away unless he gets this settlement?

We just have to hope that his contract really does end in June, and he will finally leave this club as he ‘said’, then again what he says and what happens are often different things.

Storrieteller, you are not wanted – just GO…

  • What the poll asked – Peter Storrie’s Involvement?

  • How you voted – NONE! Go away; leave us to lick our wounds 92%
    Stay, apply for a new job he was also a Victim? 4%
    Stay, reduced wage as his knowledge is required 2%
    Couldn’t care if he stays or goes 1%
    Stay, Voluntary to show he actually does care 1%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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