Date: 19th August 2009 at 12:59pm
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There is nothing ‘official’ on The Pompey Site, or any quotes to back these claims up, but is ‘claiming’ that Peter Storrie’s led consortium of investors is taking over Pompey?

EXCLUSIVE: New consortium takes over Portsmouth.

The report says that Storrie’s group will take a majority share in the club with SAF taking the remaining stake, with SAF being the one that will guarantee the clubs debt.

Apparently, and most importantly it is said that Storrie and his crew will ‘pour immediate funds into the club.’

Now lets see this become ‘official’ and see actions, and not words, take place…


The article has since been pulled, is this because there is no truth to it? Or is it because the club wanted to be the ones to officially announce it first?

All I know is that this ‘might not necessarily be another false dawn’, maybe watch this space this afternoon methinks…

When I know more, so will you but for now I need some air, where is that dog, walkies… Hopefully something can develop while I am out and then having lunch!


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