Date: 27th September 2009 at 10:33am
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I got a phone call this morning, around 8.45ish I would say, from Ken to tell me – if I had not heard it – that Peter Storrie had again confirmed to Radio 5 live’s sportsweek that he was going nowhere. A little further digging into this has found out more of what he said, about a range of things…

Storrie on staying

Storrie had already told The Pompey Site he was staying, at least for the weekend, but he again confirmed that he is saying as he is ‘very happy’ where he is: ‘making sure the club is sound and the finances come in has always been the main issue for me, so I’m very happy to stay and continue being at a club I’ve enjoy being at for the last seven years.’

I will be open and honest, as I like to think I am all the time – and as I have said before – I feel we cannot, no matter what anyone says, overlook the role that he did play in the position we found ourselves in. He has been here all these years so has to be held accountable as well, although now is not really the time to be going around finger-pointing is it.

This said he has worked very hard over the past few months to help rectify this – without him I think the club would have been in administration by now without a doubt…

Storrie on fans reaction on Saturday

There was a ‘one Peter Storrie’ chant sung on Saturday, which was something you do not hear everyday – as he himself admits, but he appreciated this: ‘it makes you feel quite humble, to be honest – they didn’t need to do it but I appreciate it very much.

‘If they feel like that I want to be there to continue to help and wouldn’t walk out on the club.

‘It’s been a hard eight or nine months but I thought we played extremely well yesterday and were unfortunate not to win.

‘Then the crowd chant your name – it makes you think ‘this doesn’t happen to many chief executives’.’

Again, similar thoughts to the above apply here really…

Storrie on Fridays meeting

As we all know SAF met with the Pompey Virtual Alliance (PVA) and supporters groups on Friday and Storrie was encouraged by this but like all of us, all he can do is sit and wait and hope what was said actually happens: ‘he’s said there’s £50million coming, publicly at a meeting to supporters on Friday night.

‘Sulaiman showed the board documentation to say the money’s there. We hope it all comes to fruition in the next few days.

‘We can only go by what he’s told the fans and what we’ve seen.’

SAF has said ‘judge me in November’, when he plans to meet us again – whilst he did not cover himself in glory – again – by originally puling out, eventually going through with this and saying what he did has gained him some more time, as he himself said we now need to judge him in a few weeks time and see if work begins on what he says it will.

At least he wore a suit yesterday – so I guess he listens!

Storrie on the players signed

Many people feel that the players we have ‘lack the quality’ to keep us up, but Storrie remains convinced that those signed are goo enough to do this and we will turn it around: ‘we’re confident the players will turn it around – and they are too.

‘All the players we’ve brought have either played in the Premier League, come from the Premier League, or played in top leagues in Europe.’

That final ball, or killer touch in the box is missing, but we are getting closer and with the quality that is starting to be shown, if we can get the luck and this balance right with the obvious effort and commitment we have a chance – but as said previously we need to hope that our ‘pre-season during the season’completely clicks into place ASAP… We must win at Wolves or that international break will be a long one!

Storrie on Hart

Paul Hart, despite the defeat yesterday, for me has probably eased some of the pressure on himself – I really do not think we could fault him for yesterday, and to be fair the most recent games. Maybe the Bolton game he got his tactics wrong at the end, but other than that the past 2-3 league games, certainly yesterday have been very encouraging.

So, with this in mind and the huge amount of change at the club over he months Storrie feels it would be a big mistake to let Hart go: ‘it’s okay people saying ‘go and change things’ but look at the performance yesterday – and the support.

‘There’s been a massive change and we’ve had to bring players in at the last minute but the performance yesterday was the best for some while.

‘It was a very strong performance we think we can build on for the future. You’d be daft and stupid to change it.’

I have to admit that I have been up and down on the issue, but I must now say I cannot really see the point in changing things now to be honest – I think we go back to square one if we do!

The players want to play for Hart, and are all giving it their all for him. If we bring in a new man who is to say they will do that for him? And who is also to say that they will be able to get anymore from the players?

I am not convinced that anyone else could get anymore from the players to be honest – we just need that luck, a win could make all the difference as these breed confidence, to be fair something that we do not seem to be lacking, what we are lacking is the final pieces of the team gelling slotting into place. Once the heads go down, that is when we know we are seriously done for…

One thing I also know is the support seems as united as it has been for a long time – and this helps!

So, plenty to chew over here guys – as always leave your thoughts on the above in your comments below…


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