Date: 16th February 2009 at 9:58am
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We all too often get on at the media for their snide comments, articles and remarks about Pompey, but I think we also need to look at some personalities within the club and ask them to stop doing similar things…

I was open with my support for Tony Adams, and desperately wanted him to succeed – maybe this was more as I wanted him, and us, to be able to stick two fingers up at Jamie’s Dad – and was bitterly disappointed when he was sacked, not that it was a surprise in many ways, but because I thought he had earned at least one more week. However I am also willing enough to admit ultimately that the right decision was ‘probably’ made, even if the timing was not right, and moving him on ‘might’ have stopped an alarming slide that threatened our season?

Paul Hart and Brian Kidd have come in on a temporary basis and there impact was visible to be seen – they were barking out clear and concise orders to the players and they were responding to them, they had no option but to as they would do what they were told or they would be told again and again… This experience told, and would have clearly made a difference but lets not get carried away by this as Citeh were poor.

Without a doubt the team looked more united, and this showed. Maybe Adams could not get out of the players what he should have and maybe his methods were what caused the problems, but they are all vastly experienced so surely should have been able to have raised their game when they went out on the pitch? Nevertheless I do wish these players would stop taking sly snipes at him!

As said, maybe what they are saying is true, but in some ways it almost seems as they are using this to justify shoddy performances that we have seen a fair few times this season. We are talking about experienced professional, international footballers – these are no rookies. They might not have liked what they were being told but when all is said and done they are paid to play for Portsmouth Football Club and they are the ones that go out onto the pitch.

I have not liked the comments, which are being spoken more and more as time goes on – and these are not rehashed comments, these are comments made at different stages before and after the weekend game. Many of these also making comments are players that made individual errors that cost us – and these errors could not be cut out by no amount of coaching – with these players also players that were ‘apparently’ fully behind the manager when he was in place!

One swallow does not make a summer, thoughts of caution I have following the weekend win, lets see what the weeks ahead bring as they will tell us more about how good or bad the previous manager was, but for senior players to keep coming out and slating Adams in public, for me, is bang out of order and what happens behind closed doors, in many ways should stay there – although to be fair Adams himself has made a few comments since leaving, which maybe were not needed.

I guess in many ways we now live in a football age where someone is always looking to lay the blame with someone else…


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