Date: 4th January 2010 at 2:45pm
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The players, who I would suspect can afford to be without somewhat more – even though they should not have to of course – have still not been paid as yet but the clubs off-the-field staff has according to The News…

An ‘error’ was cited for this delays, although it is ‘said’ this money went into staff accounts at Midnight on Sunday – players and non-playing staff are paid on separate payrolls so we will find out tomorrow is the player wages go through I guess?

Like I say players, even if they should not have to, most likely can afford to be without for a little longer than the non-playing staff, many of who are no different to you or I in respect to how a non-payment affects them, so they are the true victims in this late payment and the ones I feel more sorry for.

God luck with any ‘reimbursements’ that they might need to get though…


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