Date: 23rd March 2008 at 10:05am
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Pompey versus Spurs, 22nd March 2008 – White Hart Lane.

This follows on from ChrisW and his opener against Villa last week, it comments on the opposition’s players, in particular identifying players that the author views as worthwhile additions to the Pompey squad.

We are hoping that for each match a vital member will volunteer to write the article, bearing in mind you need to attend the match in person.

Please add your own observations but do remember that this is not about Pompey per se or how we played during the match in question.

Also, bear in mind that as the title suggests this article relates predominantly to how the Spurs players played during the match and not their general form this season.

Prior to the game my thoughts would have always been that Ledley King, Tom Huddlestone, Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane are players I would not mind have playing for Pompey, I rate Jonathan Woodgate as probably the best defender in the country, but his record with injuries is horrendous and for me prevents him from having that tag?

Spurs have some fantastic footballers, but my own thinking is there are still plenty here that I would prefer ahead of what they have to offer, but who did stand out for my in this game and have my opinions of any improved, or gone down as a result of it? I cannot stress enough that my opinions are predominantly based on this game, so try not to wade in without testing the water fellas – yep I am talking to some of the overzealous Spurs fans!

Alan Hutton, well I have known about the fella for a while and he was fantastic when I saw him for Scotland against Italy, which saw him gain reported interest from United. Eventually after trying several times Spurs got him in January and I thought that he got forward very well from his right back position and defended solidly.

I am not overly keen on the fella as a person, but then again my views are based merely upon what I read in the papers, and how much of this is really true? But Pascal Chimbonda quite impressed me yesterday as he was a constant threat coming forward, defensively you could not really gage much as we offered little coming forward to test him, but had he really put in the graft I think that John Utaka could have had the better of him, which he did a bit in the 2nd half when he upped his effort.

Tom Huddlestone is big and strong so would fit into the current midfield policy that Harry Redknapp seems to be operating to. He broke up the play well for me when he had to and played some fine balls through, I think he may have played the ball through which eventually led to the second Spurs goal?

Subs Jamie O’Hara and Darren Bent came on with 20 minutes to play and made a huge difference. The pace that Bent had caused problems and he left Hermann Hreidarsson chasing shadows sometimes. Had Glen Johnson not amazingly gone back on the goal line then Bent and another Spurs forward would have been offside, but clearly they knew they were not so took advantage.

While O’Hara offered a threat coming through from midfield and his late surge into the box saw him in the right place at the right time to calmly finish and wrap up victory for Spurs with their second goal in a little over a minute.

Some of the players that I was going to be looking out for had little say on the game, which although a decent game and one I enjoyed, in all fairness few players really stood out from the rest as most on both sides had decent games, but few were spectacular. Ledley King did not even play, Jonathan Woodgate did what he had to, but was not really tested that much defensively. Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane were kept fairly quiet, but you could sense that they would be a threat, I thought that out of the pair Keane had the better game to be honest though.

Aaron Lennon disappointed me to be honest, so if there is any truth in the rumour that Sulley Muntari could be swapped for him in the summer I am not so sure I would want this. Lennon has pace to burn, can beat his man with ease but the amount of times that his delivery let him down yesterday was criminal. I know the fella is still young and is still learning but the art of delivering a cross, although not exactly easy to perfect, is not as hard as he seems to make it look at times. You would expect a player of his quality and type to be able to do this successfully more than he does.

Any team would have Berbatov in a heart beat, but we are not going to sign him are we, Keane would be a fantastic signing, but again although I would not say we could not sign him Spurs will not let him go. I do think that Chimbonda would be a better left back option to what we have but having said that Martin Cranie could be the man to offer us something in the future in that department, although central defence is where I feel he will fit in ultimately.

Hutton impressed but I would still have Johnson over him to tell the truth, so out of the potential ‘realistic’ players that we could get from Spurs I would not have many reservations about signing Huddlestone or O’Hara as the former would fit in the big, strong and powerful midfield type Redknapp likes, so for me he would offer most the qualities that Papa Bouba Diop does with that extra quality too, with the latter offering genuine attacking threat from the midfield, making the late runs to be in the right place at the right time – but also having the ability to finish, something our midfield is lacking. Sean Davis has been doing this well, but has not featured much recently and when he does is lacking that finishing quality that O’Hara seems to have, but I would still think he would only be a ‘squad player’ here.

Once again the point that these views are based predominately on the game yesterday, and the players that I would not mind us signing are based on what I see as being a ‘realistic’ chance of it happening, so these facts cannot be stressed enough, so Huddlestone and O’Hara, ok maybe Chimbonda for me are the players that I most liked the look of and would be happy to see plying their trade at Fratton Park.

As I will not be at the Wigan game next weekend if anyone is willing to volunteer to do this feature for that game it will be much appreciated. Just drop me an email or leave a comment below.


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21 Replies to “Spurs, I liked the look of…”

  • Realistic is the word. Spurs will have a clearout in the summer and players will be available – who only Juande Ramos knows. Nice one Rug. Chimbonda is of course a better Right Back than Left.

  • Utaka gave Chimp an easy game. This was a tired Spurs after the 4-4 with Chelsea against half a Pompey team. They hit us with a late goal at FP again after a substitution, when O’Hara came on. We’ve been doubled, again by them.

  • Huddlestone is a class act, and should soon be part of the England set up.
    His range of passing is excelent and he was a different class to anyone else on the pitch.
    Glen played really well in a poor performance,and i thought Aubey did very well and should be given another go against Wigan

  • Lets be honest about it, this atricle is a tad childish. Why would you make an article about who you would want to sign based on one game? “Keane would be a fantastic signing, but again although I would not say we could not sign him Spurs will not let him go”. And where would the money come from to pay for a 20+ goals-a-season striker when you had to sell on to afford Defoe? I am not being “overzealous”, but the article is extremely bizarre. Congrats on the way you lot played by the way. To hold out for 80 mins without Campbell, Diarra etc. was pretty impressive.

  • Daz we take part in this type of article so as to comment positively on opposition players.
    It makes a pleasant change from just slagging them off, i dont think bizzare is a word i would use to describe the idea behind it.
    Well played yesterday you deserved the win.

  • the point of the article dazspurs as owens points out is to take a look at the opposition players and give credit where the author feels it is due… so altho there is talk about players i ‘might’ want us to sign primarily the ‘point’ of the article is to, as i say, look at the spurs players who in my opinion stood out and why – i guess i could have easily taken the route that so many feel the need to do and just slag off the opposition then rather than commend them if that is prefered?
    yep i do look at it in a slight way that i ‘might’ want us to sign so and so but what i say will not make the slightest bit of difference anyway will it.

  • a really good idea for an article and i enjoyed reading it. But Hudd will never go, he has too much potential and is being eased into the full time slot. Take Chimbonda, ill give you £20 to take him. He didnt look too bad yesterday but thats because we werent tested at the back. on wednesday he got found out by a quality joe cole. Well done because of the injuries but i would have though ‘arry would be more attacking given the UEFA place up for grabs.

  • Hudd ain’t going anywhere. Ramos rates him. The only way you would get Keano is when he is old and past it. Chimbo you might get.

  • Shame then Paults to watch the EPL’s right back of the season 2-3 years back skip past your fella with ours playing LB/M/W. We have no-one that plays there.

  • altho i might not go as far as saying johnson is the best full back in the premier lge i will stand by my original thoughts that i would rather have johnson that hutton… maybe in time hutton will prove the better player but lets see eh.

  • Johnson the best right back in the prem? without him I think Spurs might have ended up 0-0 – he done well.

  • Without doubt Spurs are the beat team in the premiership, Hutton is world class as are the rest of the Spurs squad.
    That why you win trophies evey year and you are the best team in London, no the south.
    Get real Spurs fans, you are like Pompey, Villa and Everton, you are not in the top 8 teams this year, so if you have nothing constructive to say just stay on your own website and stop boring the t***s of us.
    See you next season, when you will no doubt have burst into the top 4!!


  • Huddlestone impressed me in particular. I can’t help getting the feeling that Spurs are overachieving at the moment though. Almost as if they’ve had a long, long winter and are full of beans coming out of the gate. Minus Berbatov, (which they will inevitably be after season’s end) they’ll still be good but as others said here, probably no better than a 5th to 10th place finisher, much as Everton, Villa, Blackburn et al. Next season is…well, next season. A lot of things can happen between now and then. Ramos is a good manager, but he has an expiry date like all others (witness Sven at Man City, who looked invincible in the early going). After a spell, other teams tend to catch on to a manager’s tactics. It would have been a different game entirely however had we had a full squad.

  • huddlestone seems like a really good prospect, and iv been monitoring him for ages, and he keeps improving all the time, surely it wont be long before he’s in the england squad. he would be a fantastic buy.

  • OP, if you know anything about Tottenham you would realise if Ramos was here at the start of the season we would be at least 5th or 6th. His stats ratio for wins has proven this. Have you forgotten we finished 5th the last two years running. We have won a cup this season also. At the end of the day in Ramos we have a world class manager so us YIDS will be very confident of being up there next season. No doubt Villa and Everton will be also. Im sure Harry will have you guys up there too.

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